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Hi guys, 


Need some help please. So i was installing a scenery and used this tool. However after I tried to run p3dv4 his error came up and this was the solution provided on the website:



Problem: FSX or Prepar3D fails to start, showing error message “Migration Tool has disabled this simulator to prevent corruption of configuration files. To run this simulator, set it as target in Migration Tool.”

Cause: Whenever a simulator is set as target, Migration Tool temporarily disables all other simulators to prevent corruption of configuration files. For example, when FSX → Prepar3D v4 redirection is active, FSX cannot be started to keep FSX from potentially corrupting Prepar3D v4 files. Under certain conditions, simulators do not get re-enabled after redirection is stopped.

Solution: Start Migration Tool, click Edit > Options > Click to view backups. Open an old backup of the simulator that doesn’t start, find subfolder “Root”, and from there, copy fsx.exe or Prepar3D.exe to the main folder of the simulator, accessible through Exploreshortcuts in the main window of Migration Tool.

Long-term solution: From version, Migration Tool automatically recovers from such situations. See: Migration Tool downloads.

I have the latest version installed and I've tried the backup method also. It worked and now after installing another scenery using it, this time it won't work now even after i follow the same step again. I tried uninstalling the migration tool and somehow the error still shows the same when trying to launch p3dv4. So i can't fly now! This sucks! I have tried to register on the website also to check the forums or create a support ticket but the website is being stupid and keep saying solution was incorrect when i try to register so i can't register.


Would appreciate any help please.



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The biggest help comes from Kyle of PMDG: remove the tool, fix the damage it did to your registry, and never install it again. I'd imagine a full reinstall of your sim will be necessary due to the problem persisting even after you removed it. After you reinstall your sim, make sure to never use it again and only use scenery compatible with v4 natively.

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This tool is an abomination period. I have personally had to repair several systems that were trashed  by it's use. Every  now and then there's a post like this one with another horror story. There are those who have used it successfully and that's fine. If you want to take that type of chance with your system, go for it. For me, I won't touch it with a ten foot pole.

Since the OP has been answered with the best answer I'm shutting this down.

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