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Ok so started using this software and it's fantastic, why I didn't know about this before I don't know. Been previously using FS commander and it's it good but getting dated.

everything on EFB is setup and working great the only issue I have is the moving map, I can see ai traffic and Vatsim traffic depending if I'm flying online or not, however the aircraft displayed on EFB don't move, if I click away outside the window and click back in the aircraft will update to their locations (whereas in fs commander they are constantly moving) am I going blind and missing the correct setting for this or is this just the way it is?

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Hi Garry,

I have used EFB for about 4 years and can assure you the aircraft symbol should not only move (this also includes any AI or online traffic), but, also switch automatically to the various flight stages i.e. Taxi, Takeoff, Cruise, Approach and landing. I have checked settings in both the Data Provider and Display Unit and can find no setting which would preclude the use of the moving map. All I can suggest is checking that the folder links are correct in both DP and DU, failing that try re-installing (also do you have the latest update?)

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You need to be in aircraft follow mode for the traffic to move in real-time.

That means having this button ON.



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Have you ticked the airplane symbol to connect the EFB with the sim?

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