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Hi Dave,

while waiting for the WT to P2A interface I have started to create taxi routes for my xplane airports by using p2a taxi maintenance. 

One question: do you consider the scenery.ini file? Some of my airports exist twice. One from the standard xplane, the other downloaded from scenery gateway. Both must stay. So the first one is disabled in the scenery.ini file.

I guess when I create the taxi routes via taxi maintenance p2a does not ignore the disabled scenery.

Do you look in the scenery.ini file? This is very important when using Xplane.

Second question: some taxi routes in xplane are defined as one way taxiways. Does p2a consider this?

Best regards 


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In X-Plane, it first looks for an entry in the scenery_packs.ini file that has not been disabled.  If it does not find one, it looks at the default/global apt.dat file.  If you have a file specified in the scenery_packs.ini file, it won't look any further.

It does not currently consider one-way flags.


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Thank you.

Maybe in next versions you can also consider one way taxiways. This would be important especially on big airports.

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I had brought this up earlier and have thought about it in detail since. Especially since it will be important to have taxi route directions compatible with WT ground routes. Otherwise kaos will rule.

Rather than have P2A read ALL the ground routes from WT ( there can be over a thousand ) I was thinking it could be as easy as a dropdown or similar with 3 options for a taxiway. Taxiway segments can only run in two directions. For example, say it runs perfectly North/South. The dropdown would contain "360" ( North Only ) "180" South Only or "Both". Both could be the default but this would make it fairly quick to assign directions where it is important for traffic flow, even for a large airport. 



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