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  1. furrer411


    I bought a cheap Microphone 2 years ago for 5 euro. I only sometimes had a success with the speech recognition in P2A. 4 weeks ago I bought a good Microphone for 30 euro and now all works perfect.
  2. furrer411

    Taxi Maintenance sometimes difficult

    Thank you, Dave
  3. Hi Dave, when using Taxi Maintenance at some airports like EDDS the map does not show details. The picture is "washed out" (blurry). Is it possible for a future version of P2A to have an option to change the image to street or terrain view or an other source like in the "normal" ATC view? Regards, Markus
  4. furrer411

    CereProc voices on sale now!

    Thank you!!!! I have purchased 2 male voices. They are excellent and working perfectly in P2A.
  5. furrer411

    AI Traffic with X-Plane

    I also get no instruction to line up and wait. Why? Is there a special setting which has to be done?
  6. furrer411

    Taxi maintenance

    Thank you. Maybe in next versions you can also consider one way taxiways. This would be important especially on big airports.
  7. furrer411

    Taxi maintenance

    Hi Dave, while waiting for the WT to P2A interface I have started to create taxi routes for my xplane airports by using p2a taxi maintenance. One question: do you consider the scenery.ini file? Some of my airports exist twice. One from the standard xplane, the other downloaded from scenery gateway. Both must stay. So the first one is disabled in the scenery.ini file. I guess when I create the taxi routes via taxi maintenance p2a does not ignore the disabled scenery. Do you look in the scenery.ini file? This is very important when using Xplane. Second question: some taxi routes in xplane are defined as one way taxiways. Does p2a consider this? Best regards Markus
  8. furrer411

    Taxi maintenance

    Hi Dave, Thanks a lot for the new taxi maintenance features. It is wonderful to be able to import the routes from the scenery files. Best regards Markus
  9. furrer411

    A Big Thank You

    Yes. I totally agree. This is the best ATC software ever. Dave is such a great developer and his support is excellent.
  10. furrer411

    Voice command cheat sheet

    Thank you. This PDF is excellent.
  11. furrer411

    ATC Background Chatter Files

    Hi Dave, just a feature request for a future update: Maybe it would be possible to play the ATC chatter files randomly from the ATC chatter folders? Sometimes it is boring to hear the same ATC chatter sound twice. Other things work perfect! Thank you. Best regards, Markus
  12. Have now uninstalled P2ATC completely and reinstalled. After Reinstallation without NAVIGRAPH update: P2ATC works After NAVIGRAPH update: P2ATC works. After overwriting P2ABaseData.mdf with my backuped file (because I did some TAXI manitennce some weeks ago): The error comes up. So it must have something to do with the P2ABaseData.mdf, not with NAVIGRAPH. Best regards, Markus
  13. Hi, I downloaded and installed Version Then I have updated the airac data to 1707 with Navigraph program pilot2atc_1707.exe. After starting P2ATC I get this error message: Unable to initialize Database An error occured while executing the command definition. Se the inner exception for details. Invalid column name 'Frequnecy Unit'. If I cklick on OK button then I can use P2ATC. But I do not know if it is working properly. Can someone help. Thanks and best regards, Markus
  14. Hi Dave, would it be possible to share the data with other users after editing the taxi routes by taxi maintenance option? I think it would be great if all users could share their own developments with others. What do you think? Best regards, Markus