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Captain Scott

Heading to Munich

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Amazing screenshot, your one screenshot is worth my sixteen!  Love the 337.  Right now I am flying the Xplane Baron over my Nevada/Arizona/Mexico Ortho4xp scenery.  Between Xplane and Prepare3d I am really enjoying what simming on a contemporary computer can offer.  You don't need top end hardware to run these sims at their fullest potential.  A 3.6 GHZ cpu and an Nvidia 1060 GTX are a good sweetspot to start with.  I did not have to tweak either sim much other than increasing the default settings and reducing texture size in P3d to 2048x2048.  Did not see a difference in the sim's detail probably due to my monitor resolution and 8x AA.  At a higher res than my monitor supports I am sure there is a difference for the hard core simmer.   The salesperson at Fry's electronics did not try to sell me more system than I needed.  When I looked at a more expensive system he shooed me away from that after he compared my specs to the sims required hardware in some book he had.  And thanks to Carenado/Alabeo, I did not have to pay for my FSX products again, other than the Mirage which I mistakenly purchased again.  Maybe he made more profit on my system, who knows.  When I was in the hospital my system remained on for four days, my landlord saw that I had left my computer on when I asked them to turn on the AC in my apartment, they were laughing.

Anyway, don't mean to hijack your wonderful post!  Good job!


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