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Flysimware C402C GNS 530 Setup

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Does anybody have the panel.cfg setup for the Flysimware C402?

I looked in the 'Official Panel Configuration Thread' but did not see an entry. I've used the RXP Wizard for several aircraft without issue but this one doesn't line up very well in the VC. I've tried manual and simple gauge substitution with default settings.

Many thanks / Les Parson 


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I won't be able to assist you specifically with this panel, but maybe someone has it? Otherwise, posting a screenshot of the misalignment might help us giving you some directions to try?

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Besides the screen, this photo is playing tricks to my brains!

It looks like the polygon for the screen is displaying different overlapping parts of the same gauge. Do you mind also posting the panel.cfg section for this?

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gauge00=Cessna_402C!Rules,  0,0,2,2
gauge01=Cessna_402C!Click,  0,0,2,2
gauge02=Cessna_402C!Air,  0,0,2,2
gauge04=Cessna_402C!sounds,  0,0,2,2
gauge05=FBGS_XMLSound_x64!FBGS_XMLSound, 0,0,1,1,Sound\MT#81


I see a problem as I'm sure you do as well. Unfortunately, I'm departing for a real-world DC business trip at the moment and don't have the time to take a further look until Thursday. 

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8 hours ago, LDP1949 said:


You've added it twice, hence it shows overlapping!

1) I'd guess the easiest might be to start with:


this fills the entire VC section (900x900) and uses a 'rendering section' named 'NO_BEZEL'

2) Then add the 'NO_BEZEL' section to the RealityXP.GNS.ini file to tell this gauge displays the screen only:

; show screen only gauge if true.
nobezel = true
; screen only border size (pixels).
border.size = 0
; screen only border color (#RGB or #RGBA).
border.rgba = #000000
; display mouse tooltips if true.
tooltips = false
; enable mouse clickspots if true, disable if false.
usemouse = true 
; left mouse button popup ident  (ex: GPS_PANEL or 225).
popleft = 
; right mouse button popup ident (ex: GPS_PANEL or 225).
popright = 
; auto-resize dimension (width,height)
refsize = 
; enable alternate click-spots (left CCW, right CW, middle Push) if true.
usealtmouse = false
; adjust brightness (0 to 100)
brightness.bezel = 100
; offset brightness (-100 to +100)
brightness.screen = 0

3) Adjust the gauge06 X,Y,W,H parameters one at a time, to make the screen aligned to the top left and bottom right corners.

4) Aalternatively, if the screen appears centred but overflows, you might just need to adjust the [GNS_530_1.NO_BEZEL] section, border.size= value, which shrinks the rendered rect by 'value' in pixels.

PS: some of the settings (the last ones) in the section above are new in the upcoming update!


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