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With the idea of P3Dv4 and its 64bit finally allowing the idea of being able to fly with high eye candy and near no chance of OOM, I started planning a trip to visit all the great addon scenery I have once they are all ready for v4. In doing so I created a google map and keyed them as follows:

Blue are uncontrolled airstrips
Green are Class D airports
Yellow are Class C airports
Red are Class B airports

Being an active member of Pilot Edge I also added pin marks for what will be all the controlled airports once their Western US area is all manned with their already SoCal area.
This is what that map looks like:

I find this to be some what of an interesting map. As if the Mississippi River divides the more favored GA operations in the West with the more Commercial Operations in the East. I then started thinking about it as if it were a Shopping Mall. With Anchor stores and the smaller retail stores that fill them in between. Thing is for a GA pilot, an Anchor store might just be a Class D type airport with uncontrolled airstrips as the smaller shops. An Airliner might see Class B as the anchors and Class C as the smaller shops.

Then there is also emerging markets like the New England area with a more recent boom of small fields and more coming in the near future.

I see lots of potential for the Great Lakes, New England and Florida area based off of some of the addons already supporting those locations in the Class C, D and airstrips. The West will continue to grow thanks to the Orbx regions and what is already established there for pairing. As far as the interior of the US, I really have no idea. It almost seems as if we could use a bridge airport to connect the two, something like a Wichita which has lots of aviation roots there.

Forgive me if this map is incomplete as I missed an addon or two, I tried to use only the best of the most recent addons from many developers and a few that have been mentioned as being in the works. Just thought it was worth a share and would like to hear how others read this map and their take on where addon scenery might be going as we move forward.

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Perhaps provide a list of the addons you are referencing with the keys.

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