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AI Lights Reborn Free Edition and Version 4.1

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Dear All,

As you must be aware now the change log for version 4.1 is now available on the AVSIM forums, I have highlighted below the posible items that could have an impact on the ESP effects engine for the simulator lights and AI behaviour after you patch your simulators:

Prepar3D Client

Fixed rotation issues with certain lights and effects

Fixed shader support for pre-lit materials without textures

Fixed issue that prevented light rotation key commands from controlling attached landing lights

Fixed several cases where attached effect rotation values would not update correctly

Prepar3D Content

Removed incompatible AI models

Prepar3D SDK

Fixed issue where the bounding box and radius override values were not being written out correctly by the 3dsMax exporter

Fixed issue with 3dsMax plugins not exporting OverrideRadius and OverrideBoundingBox values

Please note this is just a list that concern my current ad-don's, for a full list of fixes please visit:

Posible Consequences for AI Lights Reborn Free Edition 3.2.2:

  • Prepar3D Reinstall / Update: You don't need to reinstall AI Lights Reborn Free edition If you decide to perform a full re-install of Prepard3D or a partial upgrade, my add-on is using the XML method and accordingly it will survive the re-install without any problems.
  • Prepar3D Client: It is posible that the changes to the Client content can have an affect for the AI lights, if you experience any problem please let me know but I will be performing some tests as soon as I manage to upgrade to V4.1 and report back any known issues.
  • Prepar3D Content: The Content update might have an adverse effect for your current AI traffic, it is difficult to understand at this stage what is an "Incompatible AI Model" for LM so I advise you to perform a full backup of you PC before proceeding to upgrade your Prepar3D Content, I imagine UTL will be fine but again I will try myself and let you know.
  • Prepar3D SDK: Regarding the SDK changes, some users have reported missing lights on some of their AI models, especially some of the MT6A models, I believe these SDK fixes would allow AI model developers to recompile their models and overcome these difficulties, please check with your AI models provider to obtain updated planes.


I will try to upgrade as soon as posible to ensure my Add-on's are free of trouble, in the meantime if you encounter any difficulty please contact me at, explain the issue and try to send me screenshots so I can understand it better, also please be patient as I am on the same path as you regarding the upgrade, unfortunately I didn't had the opportunity to try 4.1 before the release.

Finally I want to express my gratitude to all the users of my Add-on's, I wish your upgrades go very well! and don't worry we will address any issues after the release if there is any!.

I wish you a happy flying to all.

Best Regards,


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After applying the Client update version 4.1 I can confirm the following:

  1. AI Lights Reborn Free Edition is fully compatible with Prepard3D 4.1, no issues found.
  2. Ultimate Traffic Live (UTL) works fine with version 4.1
  3. EZDOK V2 works fine with 4.1 / Correction there is a bug with EZDOK and 4.1, see below
  4. ASCA and Art Cloud will need to be updated, hot fix are available here:
  5. Flight1 GTN Complete works perfect with 4.1 after you run the F1UpdateTool


UPDATED 11/10/2017 8:30AM GMT
Bugs Found

  1. It appears that default Landing Lights are more dimmed over the distance in comparison to version 4.0, the good news is that AI Lights Reborn Professional edition will correct this annoyance.
  2. If I save a scenario with the PMDG 737NGX loaded and save it as default Prepard3D will crash on load every single time, the only solution after is to remove the default situation from prepard3d.cfg so the sim load on the default LM sceneario.
  3. There is a problem with the Carenado planes Hawker 850XP & Phenom 300 using the GTN 750, if I select these plane and load the sim all works fine, but if I try to change the plane I will experience a CTD.
  4. Again if I use the Carenado planes mentioned above and attempt to exit the simulator, the sim will CTD.
  5. EZDOK will cause a problem with all planes steering wheel, the issue has been acknowledge on their oficial forums and a fix is on the way. As a way arround they have instructed people to disable the fuselage shaking effects channel.

Bugs 3&4 are related to Flight1 GTN 750. I will report this tomorrow to F1.

UPDATED  31/10/2017 2:40PM GMT

  • Flight1 GTN completed has released version 2.04 which address bug 3 and 4.
  • EZDOK has released 2.6 which is totally compatible with 4.1 
  • ASP4 released updated version for 4.1
  • There are reports that Bug 2 has been present from PDV3, so a well known issue.
  • All bugs have been corrected.

Best Regards,

Edited by simbol
Bug updates
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Excellent update Simbol,

Thank you for your efforts and very professional customer support with your product. We look forward to other new features that you may have in mind for us in 4.1.


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It seems all bugs are cleared now so if you follow LM update instructions and patch all your add-on's accordingly you shouldn't experience any problems with PD3 V4.1

Best Regards,

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