Around the world in 175 days: Part 40, Dallas, Sweetwater Texas

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September 19, 1924: They awoke to rain storm with heavy wind that blew in the windows of there hotel,  the airfield looked like it had been turned into a lake but despite that they were in the air by late morning bound for Love Field in Dallas, Texas, where they were met by another large crowd, all wanting to shake the hand and talk to the airmen.  That evening there was another banquet where they were given more unexpected gifts from the citizens of Dallas.

October 21, 2017: For the next leg I will be using the 747-200.  First flying in 1969, The 747 was the first wide body jet and it held the record for passenger capacity record for 37 years. With its distinctive hump upper deck one of the most recognizable aircraft.  Boeing predicted that supersonic aircraft would soon make it obsolete and predicted it would sell only 400 but it exceeded all expectations and so far over 1500 have been built and more are still on order.  The model I am using is by CLS/JustFlight and is one of my favorites but wish they would upgrade it to P3D V4 soon.

The weather for the flight was cloudy, 14 knot winds with overcast at 6500 feet and a temperature of 23C/73F.   I ended up climbing up to 12000 feet to stay above the clouds.  Love Field Airport in Dallas had an even lower cloud level, since I did not want to take any chances with such a large aircraft I did something I have not done on this trip so far, I contacted air traffic control and requested an ILS approach into Love Field.  I made a safe landing after flying the 184 nm in 50 minutes.

I know did more pics than normal but I could not help myself, here they are: 

Ready for takeoff.

Just enough runway.

Climbing out of Muskogee.


Geting above the clouds.


Lots of clouds.

Glamour Shots.

On Final into Love Field.


September 20, 1924: They left Dallas with enough fuel to fly 645 miles to El Paso, Texas but oil pump problems on Boston II forced them to land a Sweetwater, Texas.  Although there landing was unexpected the personnel at the airport rustled up a picnic lunch for them.

October 21, 2017: For the next leg I will be using the SOCATA TB-10 Tobago.  The Socata TB is a series of single engine aircraft by French aircraft company SOCATA. Widely used training and touring aircraft and are often used for instrument training. They are defined by their superior fit and finish and interior size at the expense of performance.  About 2150 were built between 1975 and 2007.  The model I am using is by JustFlight is nice.  Weather for takeoff was ok, 10 knot winds with a few clouds at 6000 feet and a temperature of 28C/82F.  They flight to Sweetwater was uneventful, flying at 4000 feet at a fairly leisurely pace, the 184 nm flight took 1.7 hours.

Here are the pics;

Ready to go.

Climbing out of Dallas.

Heading west.

Starting to rain.

Greener than I expected.

Glamour shots!

Destination in sight!


Thanks for reading

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