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i am more than looking forward to your efforts on the above ...... for P3DV4 amongst others.

will you be "controlling departure / landing runway assignment" in the program or reading the sim's traffic engine in this ..... the later from my observations is different in P3D to FSX.

both are "apparently" accounting not only for wind but visibility, a/c weight, runway length, navaids etc. but allow different tailwind values to suit the other scored values.

your thoughts ..... I have never seen a "note" from LM or MS as to what the scoring techniques is, just observation and reading of others, particularily at

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Hi John @vadriver,

Many thanks for your interest and support, in answer to your question for version 1.0 of this software I am not planning to control runway assignments, if you follow you must be aware that currently departure and runway assignments cannot be overridden via the current SDK SimConnect (including PD3 V4.1) and instead these are fully controlled by the ESP Engine.

AI Traffic Reborn Runway Control version 1.0 is all about AI traffic flow, the most important thing is that I want this add-on to allows different ATC tools (Pro-ATC, VOXATC, PF3 and MS default ATC) to continue generating ATC chatter even when I am controlling and correcting AI traffic erratic behaviour.

I posted some information about what to expect from AI Traffic Reborn Runway Control on this topic:

Having said that Prepard3D is a evolving platform and things can change in the future, also my add-on's will be keep supported and evolving with new features over time so you never know!.

Best Regards,


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thanks for your reply / notes ...... I remain keen to see / hear more.

my guess above that your program would "control runway assignment" was as much that

  • your program would need to in order to "forecast" where to route / space both AI & one's aircraft until the next wind shift / change of runway
  •  a hope that a "known method of forecasting the runway in use" would be available" to help the atc programs you mention clear one to the "active" runway & avoid those many times one lands in the opposite direction to AI.

unfortunately, these atc programs currently when offering sids / stars base the clearance on weather at the time & not the weather in about 30mins time when the take-off / landing occurs ..... though I do "trick" PATC into "predictive" (historical) weather by using a separate feed of ASN weather to PATC set 30mins ahead of the sim's ASP4 weather !

but this is only half the tale. until one understands how whatever weather engine is used scores a runway as active - FSX (light & variable) is different to P3D (10kt tailwind) ..... it will remain frustrating to say the least.

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