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Sorry, I posted above before I added my description:

I get this distortion to varying degrees when I have Steve's DX10 Fixer and all the setting (Nvidia Inspector & FSX.cfg) applied.  I have obviously done something wrong.  This is more prevalent at complex airports such as FTX.  While in the air over open terrain, things look really nice.  If I switch off the DX10 preview, the problem goes away.  

Thanks for any help.

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That looks perhaps like scenery spikes.  

These occur when the 3D object vertex buffers get corrupted between fsx and the gpu,  some things to check.

Do you have the highmem fix enabled ( if using the dvd version of fsx) as it can be caused by memory issues.

is you gpu properly seated and cooling ok as another cause can be overheating or too high an overlock.

Do you have a high lod distance set?  Are your sliders all to the right, try failing back a little until it is stable.

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