Condition levers erratic

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I have been trying to set the condition levers by using the mouse. I get a rather jerky response in the right direction but as soon as I let go with the mouse, the levers revert to the full forward position.

I have tried setting the engine controls in the Majestic Control Panel and FSUIPC settings exactly as advised on http://majesticsoftware.com/forums/discussion/2625/using-fsuipc4-offsets-to-move-condition-levers to use on my Hotas Warthog throttle quadrant, setting them on the two way switches marked engine operation, L and R. Actuating each button does move the lever in the required direction, but the lever immediately reverts to the full forward position.

Using the plane on cruise  with condition levers in the fixed forward position is causing abnormally high prop rev levels.

Has anyone have any help.



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Footnote - Key presses CTL F2 reduce both condition levers, but, again, they revert to full forward

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This is the buttons entry in the FSUIPC.ini file:

0=P1,30,Cx3200088E,x3E800FA0     -{offset sword increment, offset 088E (Incr=4000, Limit=16000)}-
1=P1,17,Cx4200088E,x00000FA0     -{offset sword decrement, offset 088E (Decr=4000, Limit=0)}-
2=P1,31,Cx32000926,x3E800FA0     -{offset sword increment, offset 0926 (Incr=4000, Limit=16000)}-
3=P1,18,Cx42000926,x00000FA0     -{offset sword decrement, offset 0926 (Decr=4000, Limit=0)}-
and the entry in themjc84.ini file:

CL1_FUELOFF        =0
CL1_START        =12000
CL1_850            =24000
CL1_900            =48000
CL1_1020        =64000

CL2_FUELOFF        =0
CL2_START        =12000
CL2_850            =24000
CL2_900            =48000
CL2_1020        =64000

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I do not have a Hotas Warthog throttle quadrant. Just have MS ForceFeedback2 joystick but just using my mouse, I have no issues moving the Condition Levers to Start/Feather, and still using a mouse, I can move those Levers to Full.

I hope somebody from the Majestic Support team see this issue and sort it for you.

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In order to get a more expeditious response t would be appreciated if issues are posted on the Majestic Software forum, primarily due to the fact that it is a bit hectic monitoring three active media platforms.


Assuming that you are using the newly released x64 bit Q400, the logic for the CLs have been reworked, and we have not seen any erratic behavior (or at least those who have been testing have not reported abnormalities in the this area - thus far), however this does not mean that there aren't any issues.


There very well could be an axis that is still bound to the CLs forcing it to the MAX position, or something within FSUIPC.

Drops us a line over at the MJC forum is this is a persistent issue so ta we can look further into this issue.



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