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Hi all, I am new to this site.

There was a time around 2004 when I was heavily into flight simulation and then due to real life things changed. Now I would like to get back into it. Unlike before, now there are many options available.

The flight simulator I was looking into and planning to get is Virtual Flight Simulator 3D, the elite package there is usually over $200 and is on sale right now for $127. It looks like it is the most complete package with the most aircraft and airports (etc) without having to pay extra for add-ons. Then again I see a lot of bad reviews mixed in with the good ones, and the website seems a bit shady to me so I am concerned with throwing out $127 and not knowing for sure I am not getting taken to the cleaners.

I know the most popular is MS Flight Simulator X on Steam, I used MSFS2004 back in the day. MSFSX is on sale on Steam but there are several packages available and then there are almost 300 add-ons, and if all were purchased adds up to almost $3,00. This seems a bit much.

Out of the flight simulators out there, what is my best option? I would like something that is as complete as possible and my spending limit is around $200 tops and I would like to spend much less than that. I would like something that has some training in it as much as possible and has the option for multiplayer and ATC.

I welcome any and all help and information/opinions.



Here are my computer specs:

HP Omen Gaming Laptop
Windows 10 - Intel i7-7700HQ @ 2.8GHz
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
HP - Pavilion 32" LED QHD Monitor in 2K
Logitech Freedom 2.4 Cordless Joystick
Razr Deathadder Elite
Razr Chroma Tournament Edition

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Ok I strike my comment above pertaining to Virtual Pilot 3D, I found other posts on this site that show how they are a bunch of scammers that are taking other software, calling it their own and ripping people off. I think I will likely just go with FSX on Steam.....

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I went ahead and purchased FSX on Steam and purchased the 2 main addon packs, spent $100. I am content. I need to get in and learn it again and then I will want to get back into an airline and being much more serious.

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From my point of view, and depending on your systemspecs you have three choices

a. FSW ...(64 bit)... still in development ... shows promise but a long way behind the other two I am going to mention

b. P3Dv4.1 ..(64bit)....A really great sim but requires a reasonably good computer with good graphics capability, and,

c. XPlane 11.... (64bit) ...Similar to above (P3Dv4) with similar computer/graphics requirement.

64 bit is the way of the future and most developers of aircraft, utilities and sceneries are going to be concentrating on 64bit platforms.

FSX, FSX-SE and even FS2004 are still viable but bear in mind future development from 3rd party devs are drawing to a close.

A truly wonderful range of choices but please remember 64bit has to be the preferred way to go.

Good luck with your choice.


Tony Chilcott



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1 hour ago, SimplPrimate said:

I think I will likely just go with FSX on Steam.....

Good choice

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