Simbrief flight plans into FS2004

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Hello all,

Hopefully this is quick and simple.

I am very easily able to assemble a flight plan but have a couple of questions.

The YouTube tutorial covers most things but I am having a few problems.

!. After I download to FMS ... IFly747-400v2 it starts downloading a notepad document (in this case YBBNYSSY.route). What do I do with it?

I cant find it in my 747 FMS and if I try to put it into the co route it tells me "not in data base." I can, of course, manually enter the plan (Routefinder, Navigraph charts for SIDS and STARS) and save it through the FMS but then I cannot fly  ATC in IFR mode.

If, using SimBrief,  I can get it into the FMS how do I then get it into FS2004 so that I can generate an IFR plan.

At the moment I fly VFR to get taxi and take off clearance etc. Once in the air I am handed off and if I follow that I have to employ a full time radiso operator just to hand the 3700 frequency changes between Brisbane and Sydney.  I tend to not follow, ATC abandons me and once I get close to destination I report into ATC to get landing clearance etc.

So basically I need to get the simbrief plan into the FMS and then into FS2004. 

Can any of the wise and learned please assist me?

With thanks

Tony Chilcott

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Many thanks mate. I am actually on route now in the 747 but I will check it out later.

I have actually put that into the navdata/fltpln folder and that looks ok.  However, whilst I may be missing something, I cannot see how that pln is put into the FS2004 Flight planner. The plan downloaded is a .route file (I think) whilst FS2004 flight planner requires a .PLN format. How do I convert it if that is required?

Thanks though very much for your help. It has definitely clarifdied at least oine of the questions I posed.



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To get the fs2004 pln file just go again into simbrief and the dispatch area and click the download fms butting but instead of selecting ifly 747 v2 you can select to download the fs2004 .pln file (you need one file for ifly and one for fs2004) . You save that in your "microsoft flight simulator files" folder found in the "my documents" folder on windows. Go to flight simulator and the flight planner and load the file.



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