P3D crashes occasionally

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Hi all,

as mentioned my P3DV4.1 crashes when it wants but at least not inflight - only on startup of the scenario lol -.-.

BIG problem is - i did a search and kill of all my addons and did yesterday a flight with my 737NGX and today i got a crash. Literally over night my P3D does not work anymore in the same config. (???)

No big hard/software changes as it was over f*** night. To make things clear, as it is unbelievable:

  1. yesterday evening i fly YAY
  2. i sleep 6 hrs.
  3. got up eat breakfast
  4. start PC
  5. start P3D same way as yesterday
  6. P3D crashes


What i did:

everything in the: how to fix topics of the LM forum and what i found here.

Stuff like delete generated files etc.

What the heck is going on? wanna fly:mellow:

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What was the crash like? I had an inexplicable problem yesterday with 4.1. After selecting my airport and aircraft, I'd hit okay and instead of blacking out my screen and show the session load progress bar, it minimized into the upper left corner, zipped through the session load like it had skipped all the scenery, froze up for ten seconds of so (still minimized ) then closed. After about half a dozen tried and a reboot, it somehow fixed itself and started working normally again. No idea ! :blush:

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Check your hardware.  If there are nothing new/changes then it's like a hw problem.  Start with your memory, run memory test (Google is your friend here).

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