Germany South Part II

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Germany South Part II : Roman heritage, more castles and towns

For this flight we stay at the westernmost part of Germany until we make a short turn to the east. Departure airport will be Trier-Föhren (EDRT), and we will land at Saarbrücken (EDDR), Lachen-Speyerdorf (EDRL), Baden-Oos (EDTB), Neuhof (LFGC, yes, that's in France!), Freiburg (EDTF), and Schwenningen (EDTS) before we reach our destination for today, Friedrichshafen (EDNY).


Flightplan & Pilots Guide:
Available here.

The route is 325 miles, so we should take a plane that cruises with about 170 KIAS. Landing at Dornier's home airport Friedrichshafen, I think I'll take Carenado's Do 228. But as always, the choice is yours.

Recommended scenery:
Orbx Germany South.

All airports we land on are enhanced (like in all full regions from ORBX), so no other addons are required.

Date and time: Saturday November 4, 2017, 19:00 UTC; Attention, that is a change for pilots from the USA!
Where: AVSIM RTWR Teamspeak - Casual Flights Channel
Teamspeak Server Address:
Cross-Platform Multiplayer: JoinFS. (FSX, FSX-SE, and P3D)
If you want to help others enjoy the multiplayer experience, don't forget to enter your aircraft details on the multiplayer spreadsheet (linked here). Your courtesy will save others a lot of time and effort. Thanks!

Recommend that you set your initial clock to 13:15 hours in local time to account for flight time and the usual "faffing about" time.

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Thanks for setting this up, unfortunately I will not be able to make it, also, most of the upcoming Saturdays are taken. Hope to see you the following Sunday and beyond. 

On 11/1/2017 at 2:45 AM, Viking01 said:

Roman heritage

Sorry, more Polish, Scotch-Irish & Norwegian than German... LOL

Anyhow here's the big question.. The RTWR racers are going to love this. 
What am I supposed to do now?
Do I subtract 5 or 6? Do I add instead?
What the heck is GMT? Or, ZULU for that matter?
What time is it?
So confused!
Just kidding guys, although, it has cropped up during the RTWR many times by me. LOL

Anyhow, this part of the season is perfect for my favorite 2 minute video... Luv it!


"You gotta close your eyes in order to... truly see where your goin... And I mean, shuttin out the world."

Have a great flight gents. 


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