Ortho4US Project Update w/ pics

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Hello to all,


I thought it may be time to give that status of my upcoming product for X-Plane 11. This has been considered a groundbreaking effort if someone were to be able to provide a couple key elements in regards to photoscenery in X-Plane.


Sure, there are ways to get a couple programs, learn those programs and download for hours upon hours with excitement for what's to come. Low and behold, after departing from your favorite field, you notice the rather poor tiles that are available for your area. One piece may be summer, one may be night. And where are all the damn trees?! Well, say goodbye to no tree's.

It has taken me over 2 months to get as far as I have, and  that is 10 hour days. Being Self-Employed is quite the helper for that. Initial reactions from a select few are a little more than just positive.

"Beautiful...Great colors. Much better than anything one can find on Google or Bing."

With the small but powerful partner I have been lucky enough to be in touch with and work with, I believe we may have a very exciting couple months ahead for you.



First release is an estimated sooner rather than later. I want to get a good portion finished before I said much. It will Include all states shown above as well as Maine and Pennsylvania. I just have to keep doing my test flights...which is like eye-sex...






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Did you see that Arno (FSDevelopers) has recently added the XPlane "Cultivation" export capabilities to ScenProc?

A great help to bring quality autogen to large areas in XPlane.

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Noted thank you!

I am doing my best to build a solid team and developers. The x-Plane community is quite tricky in all honesty. I'm lucky finding one relevant and experienced partner.

I am working with my partner on a lot of different plans for the whole thing. First release will be ortho's with trees included. The user can then decide what they would like to do for roads etc. That said, we are going to be developing a Custom library and will be developing our own Autogen setup. Basically, taking our knowledge and giving the whole program some time with the plastic surgeon :)

To top it off? A User Interface Program. Simple, easy and efficient options. No more of lack of documentation accompanied by a coding book causing less time in the cockpit. Not on my watch sir, now get back in the damn plane! :)


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Also, AutoGen is overated. In my photos I don't have a single piece of Autogen. Everything is placed correctly and by hand.  You probably wont want it after a quick spin with my team and I :)

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