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  1. Thank you! Stage 2 will probably involve something like that down the road...I've spent the better part of 4 months getting this together so I will probably take a short break afterwards. I got it! I'll treat myself to a dinner at one of those fancy restaurants like Red Lobster!
  2. Thanks! Yeah, I picked Florida because like I said before, it's pretty barren in default. Even if someone decides they don't want the package, they at least can have an area to explore that's vastly improved. I also really enjoy how it brings the wetlands to life. Alright, back to work on the Western USA...not much longer. A slight bummer with Alaska, it's not very complete with USGS data. They probably said "Listen man, it's Alaska, it's got a lot of trees and bears. Let's just survey areas that can be considered populated alright?" :D Se la vie!
  3. Uploaded demo to AVSIM, no sign of it yet. Demo is available at the org. Includes fully functioning Florida and Puerto Rico.
  4. Thanks Buddy! It's all a learning process. Say, that's gives me an i-dear. I think it's best if I throw a demo up. It wouldn't hurt, get people a taste of the good-life! I find Florida is a gigantic improvement, it is barren as the desert with the default scenery. I also have some other things in the workshop. My initial project was handmade ortho scenery to really have a nice, no obvious transition having mess that is usually found with ortho tiles. Needless to say, I got a large amount of flack from other's (I'm sure you can put pieces together) stating that I couldn't do so because it was already being done. Fast forward 3 months later once I have the first portion of my treelines finished, I decided to try said ortho scenery...it isn't anything special in my eyes. The tiles are overly image corrected and look pretty cartoonish (Long Island has a dreadful yellow tint on everything...that's what happens when you try to auto "color correct" images in a hasty matter)...here is what my ortho coverage looks like for the NE...keep in mind...the final scenery is quite stunning and is also handmade with only the assistance of MeshTool and my insatiable brain... You can also notice the nice road coverage...much better than default. but I digress... tree demo incoming...
  5. Couple things to note: - These are not replacement tree objects. These use the default forest files. - All based off of USGS data. - Really will look best when over ortho scenery. I show over default scenery just for a comparison of coverage. One is always entitled to an opinion of course. I thoroughly enjoy what it has done for my simulator experience and thought I would share my hard work. Everyone may do as they wish.
  6. After months of learning and compiling, I am proud to announce the release of the first of 2 volumes that will enhance X-Plane scenery for all simmers! Current USGS Treeline data has been handwritten into custom overlays to bring proper representation of treelines and vegetation to another level! Currently covered states: - Alabama - Connecticut - Washington D.C. - Delaware - Florida - Georgia - Illinois - Indiana - Kentucky - Maine - Maryland - Massachusetts - Michigan - Mississippi - North Carolina - New Hampshire - New Jersey - New York - Ohio - Pennsylvania - Puerto Rico - Rhode Island - South Carolina - Tennesee - Vermont - Virginia - West Virginia - Wisconsin Edit: Store link removed
  7. I believe that is the wonderful Captain Kuiregman...or something like that...you know that I know who you're talking about...he's still around, just over on the other side...which is where I have been pretty much all year... I'm just one man...I love things that start with an X and a -...
  8. Also, AutoGen is overated. In my photos I don't have a single piece of Autogen. Everything is placed correctly and by hand. You probably wont want it after a quick spin with my team and I :)
  9. Noted thank you! I am doing my best to build a solid team and developers. The x-Plane community is quite tricky in all honesty. I'm lucky finding one relevant and experienced partner. I am working with my partner on a lot of different plans for the whole thing. First release will be ortho's with trees included. The user can then decide what they would like to do for roads etc. That said, we are going to be developing a Custom library and will be developing our own Autogen setup. Basically, taking our knowledge and giving the whole program some time with the plastic surgeon :) To top it off? A User Interface Program. Simple, easy and efficient options. No more of lack of documentation accompanied by a coding book causing less time in the cockpit. Not on my watch sir, now get back in the damn plane! :)
  10. Hello to all, I thought it may be time to give that status of my upcoming product for X-Plane 11. This has been considered a groundbreaking effort if someone were to be able to provide a couple key elements in regards to photoscenery in X-Plane. Sure, there are ways to get a couple programs, learn those programs and download for hours upon hours with excitement for what's to come. Low and behold, after departing from your favorite field, you notice the rather poor tiles that are available for your area. One piece may be summer, one may be night. And where are all the damn trees?! Well, say goodbye to no tree's. It has taken me over 2 months to get as far as I have, and that is 10 hour days. Being Self-Employed is quite the helper for that. Initial reactions from a select few are a little more than just positive. "Beautiful...Great colors. Much better than anything one can find on Google or Bing." With the small but powerful partner I have been lucky enough to be in touch with and work with, I believe we may have a very exciting couple months ahead for you. First release is an estimated sooner rather than later. I want to get a good portion finished before I said much. It will Include all states shown above as well as Maine and Pennsylvania. I just have to keep doing my test flights...which is like eye-sex... StayTuned www.ortho4us.com
  11. Come on Oscar, give me a break bro. I replaced my G2XPL "4096" files with my personal 4096 tiles but they came out 4X larger than the orignal size. So, I thought that's how it went especially considering when trying to export my tiles in a Goggle Mapping format I have 3 choices, 256, 512, 1024. Getting assistance from anybody is a lost cause, but like I said, I will never give up. Hence why I will be using MeshTool to build my treelines. New York state has a whopping 3,415,132 lines of Poly code just for the tree's. Photo coming soon in this thread if you care. Just a little advice, word your comments in a more neutral tone on a public forum. I've done PR, Production Management and Audio for Ghost B.C., Slipknot and Crystal Castles so I know a little bit about how public image and a product stand side-by-side.
  12. Hah! Prepar3D...I love it. Lot's to go over but I will just share a couple pics to show the different looks I have available. Lovely Adirondack Regional Airport in Saranac Lake. One look is obviously pre-winter, the other is post-winter. As for the chopping and orthophotos with mesh tool...already handled that situation and it is going just fine. Ultimately, this is just who I am. I'll make my own library if I must, I'll learn how to do everything with MeshTool eventually if need be, but I will never give up. Totally feel you on the self-sufficient thing. That is why I am working diligently to at least get something in the community gratis, a fire-starter if you will. This has taken a large amount of time to do. All I have right now is time. Single, no kids, no family (well, other than my pets :) and I will not let the unfortunate events that I have endured the past couple years beat me down. I won't get too deep, but I was the victim of a hit-and-run that left me in a coma for 2 weeks 3 years ago. At times, it feels like I have slipped into another dimension...all that I knew changed, seems people didn't feel a need for me anymore. I blame CERN...because...well...why not? :)
  13. Maybe I am being too sensitive, but this isn't a drag and drop effort to make photo tiles. Not sure if many know of this, but tiles that are downloaded are locked to a size restraint. For example, the largest size of any tile that can be downloaded from Google is 1024x1024. That's it. I've found this out a couple a of ways, mainly 1) If I wish to export my work in a format specifically for Google Tiles, I need to select the Zoom Level and the size. I am given 3 choices. 256x256, 512x512, 1024x1024. This was confirmed when I tried to substitute my G2XPL scenery with my 4096x4096 tiles. I thought "maybe they will line up" or whatever. Just teaching myself how this stuff is built if you will. Low and behold, my tiles were stretched out 4X their size. So, even though G2XPL has 4096 at the end of the file name, it's really just a 1024x1024 image that has been blown up. That equals a degrade in quality. I will also offer multiple sets for one to choose at there will. Not only the most recent photos, but photos from the previous 3 years. They are all quite different and give a completely different feel in the simulation. One pre-winter, one post-winter. Treeline data is a game changer huh? Well buckle up, I don't only have treelines, I've got man-made structures, cemeteries, malls, schools, banks, office buildings, sporting arenas, roads, trails, waterways, wetlands, subdivisions, quarries....for...I don't know I don't feel like counting right now...and not only the USA. How bout some screenshots? And a video to solidify the deal...to bring a personal connection into the whole thing. https://www.youtube.com/XjdsC5ep76E Actually, I'm glad you responded because we need to chat. You are a true hero in my eyes and none of this would be possible without your tool. I would like to make sure you're fairly compensated for any sales made. Now, back to work. In MeshTool's readme it has this one bit about orthophoto burning, It states I can use the line "ORTHOPHOTO 0 -72.0 42.0 -71.0 42.0 -71.0 43.0 -72.0 43.0 foo.ter" which will cover a entire tile with an orthophoto. I am going to try just that. Hopefully it works and we can say goodbye to 150,000 texture files. Thanks, Bash
  14. Oscar, Well, I have actually shared words with Mr. Fork. At first, I was in his corner against the many posters on the orthophoto thread after he had disappeared for some time leaving many angry. Feel free to search for my post history on the .org. Also, NAIP images are permissive free copyright. I have now acquired 6 years worth of Ortho's for 38 states and a toolbox consisting of professionally licensed software and Meshtool for the build. I have also mailed a hard-drive with my LLC's name on it to myself for time-dating reasons. There are many types of soda aren't there? So no, I am not concerned by your statement, especially considering any money is for my non-profit called "Dreamflight Foundation." Imagine make-a-wish foundation with a set of wings. In my 35 years I have seen the awe of aviation turn into the gloom of a bus ride. People don't seem to talk much anymore. 20 years ago I would get on the internet to get away from the world. Nowadays, it seems to be quite the opposite. I've always enjoyed bringing a smile to a face in need, why not make myself useful and do my best to bring some tired soul a moment of happiness? I've got the license, I've got the plane, just need some promo funding from good hearts. People like to look down into their cellphones for happiness. They like to argue and fight from behind a keyboard. I have no interest in doing so. I also am not using Ortho4XP or ForkBoy's script that he stated I would need to download the NAIP photos. So, does that cover everything? Great. Thanks for your words of encouragement. BTW, Cute statement saying I should focus on my tree project. I figured you guys would pop up at some point with words of discouragement.
  15. Oh that pic, well, that's just showing off my tile colorization work. Here is what I have been doing all day...learning the ropes of this... Now, since I am using JSOM and W2XP for the "extra spice" to my line, I will be offering my treeline work and W2XP work gratis. The Ortho is the real bread and butter. I am combing these bad boys with a spork in order to attain true to life ortho tiles for myself and others who wish to purchase my work. I've covered all of my bases and am fully allowed to do as I wish with the tiles due to a permissive copyright. Also, this aint gonna be some "Mega-ripoff" :::cough cough::: clone. I am hoping to have NY, ME, VT, NH and MA ready for a release on Halloween. Trick or treat? :) Introductory price of $19.99 which will include updates as long as I'm steering the ship. Did I mention that I have 3 years worth of ortho's and each represents a different season due to the fact they are acquired twice a year? Anyways, enough jibber-jabber. Time to throw these tree's in the sim and see how she looks.
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