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  1. Correction: " I believe I had to adjust settings in XPUIPC to get P2ATC to see the battery and power." Should be "radio and power". Bruce
  2. I have been using, since Oct 2022, a client/server that ARebs wrote and posted in a thread on the org. It has been working perfectly. I believe I had to adjust settings in XPUIPC to get P2ATC to see the battery and power. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/272191-crash-of-xpuipc/#comment-2426762 It is 2 apps, a server for the XP machine and client for the P2ATC machine. Very light weight and no noticeable resource draw on my 2 old boxes. It allows you to not have to run the XPUIPC client on the networked P2ATC machine that causes XP to crash. You will run the XPUIPC plugin in XP, ARebs' server on the XP machine and Arebs' client on the P2ATC machine. Bruce
  3. XPUIPC, through seem to load fine in XP12 till you try to connect XPWideClient ( or from a remote computer on the network. Then XP12 crashes with the following 2 lines in the log.txt: Threading violation calling XPSendMessageToWidget (C:\jenkins\xplanesdk\Src\XPLM\Src\XPWidgets.cpp:247) Violation by XPUIPC/XPWideFS (XPUIPC/XPWideFS. - H:\X-Plane 12\Resources\plugins\XPUIPC\64\win.xpl) Not sure if this is a XP12 bug or new XP12 plugin restrictions. I use it to run Pilot2ATC on a remote machine. I have not found a way to contact the XPUIPC developer and not sure there is active development going on with it.
  4. You spelled pilot wrong in the URL. 😉
  5. Navigraph 1802 I didn't get the map either, but when I clicked on the map mode it came up. Then while going through the different modes it disappeared. I got it back by using the Search ICAO button next to the Map Mode button. Also, I get a perpetual hourglass when trying to load approaches for KROC, KIUA, and 9G0. Going back to :) Bruce
  6. The SlimDX runtime fixed it... thanks Dave and paulnd :) Bruce
  7. I tried both Dave... neither seem to be installing correctly. Bruce
  8. Dave, I have the same problem... The program takes only a couple seconds to start. Checked the permissions they are good. Ran as Administrator. No ldf files in the data folder. When the installer gets to the grammerhelperdata.xml it sticks for a few seconds then jumps to finish. I don't see the sql server running. It appears that all my settings got imported ok. The Ivona voices seem to work in the Config/Voices when testing. Bruce
  9. Dave, When handed off to a controller when "at altitude" (not climbing or descending)... the copilot is not recognized when he checks in. The green text of what he said does not show up and the controller he is checking in with stays quiet. Repeating it manually with the current altitude "sayit" results in the same thing. If I use the climbing or descending "sayit" instead of the current altitude "sayit", I get the green text and the controller acknowledges my check in even though I am not climbing or descending. If I use the mic and check in, at altitude, I get the green confirmation text and the controller acknowledges my check in. This should be easily repeatable as it has happened on every and flight. I can link you to a log file later today if needed. Thanks, Bruce
  10. C0nnex was going to set the tool up so you could get a license, for a small fee, with other editions. Probably not a big enough demand to remind him to make it happen. I'm sure he would if someone asked. He didn't even have a tool when I asked if it was possible to use SPAD.neXt in a remote joystick application. He said he might write one at a later date, 6 hours later I had a working tool LOL.
  11. In case anyone else is looking for this. C0nnex at spadnext.com has 2 forums, a public one and a registered one. If I remember correctly I had to message C0nnex to get a login for the registered forum. The remote joystick tool is located in the Forum / SPAD.neXt / Registered / Complete Edition / Remote Joystick Beta thread. I also have the Complete Edition of SPAD.neXt which allows the Remote Joystick Beta tool to work by default, other editions may require a licence to get it to connect. Bruce
  12. Just installed the setupP2A_2219R2_with_Navigraph_1701.exe All is well. Thanks Dave! Bruce
  13. Installed the full with navigraph. Same thing here. Went back to Tried the update and got the same thing. Bruce
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