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Many are the hints at the Condorsoaring Forum site about the imminent release of Condorsoaring v2, or at least a release until the end of 2017, making a 10 yr period between versions, and bringing, for sure, again the most advanced high quality soaring simulator to simmers and rw glider pilots looking for the chance to feel as real as it can get in a personal computer...

Meanwhile, thanks to the excellent community around Condor, I've been enjoying my flights in Portugal (scenery Portugal v1.1 available like many many others from condor-club.eu) 

I leave here a link to a post about a yet a new recently released scenery for the Himalayas:




Take a break and please also give a look at the great videos linked there ( youtubes of real flights in the Himalayas ).

Get Ready for Condorsoaring v2 !!!

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Would be awesome to see an updated Condor. Silent Wings is okay, as are some of the other gliding sims, Condor included, but something with more up to date graphics is long overdue on the dedicated glider sim front.

On the plus side of that, Aerosoft's new simulator looks like it might potentially be good for that, so it's another one to watch if you 'don't need no steeenkin engines'.

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Yes Alan,

but a good Soaring sim really needs, apart from a sound flight dynamics model, a very specific / customized weather engine, and that's where Condor shines, and for sure v2 will Shine even more...

I was never able to get any good soaring environment from products developed for either MSFS and derivates or X-Plane... Other sims like Aerofly and even our good old Flight Unlimited 1, and 3 did a nice ( but certainly not to the level of Condor ...) work, then there was the old SFS, and a couple more, and Silent Wings which I also used for a good while and is also very good, but apparently never got any further development.

I am for the very first time able to train for my rw flights in Portugal using Condor v1, from 2006 !!!, and my XCSoar navigator on a Kobo, just like I do in the real thing, with ortho scenery of good quality and very plausible soaring weather. For sure it will turn even better with v2 !

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Would just like to add that there is also s strong possibility of version 2 allowing for native shared cockpit !

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Hi Guys!

Is there anyone else having trouble to create an account on the Condorsoaring forum?

I’m not getting any email with the activation link and nobody from support replied to the mails I wrote them about this 10days ago. 

Bit disappointing after having paid almost 60€ for their sim...  :(




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I just used the password recovery option and promptly received an email with a new password to activate, and the activation link.

Are you sure it is not in your Spam folder ?

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Thanks for trying Jose!

it definately didn’t make to my spam folder. Don’t know what happened there...


Got in touch with the forum admin in the meantime and managed to get a new password. Had to wait a bit but all is good in the end now! 


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