Annoying blurry textures over mountains

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I don't recall ever seeing sharp terrain textures throughout the entire landscape before. Like the textures will be sharp around me but further off if there are moutains in the distance, it will appear as though the mountains appear soft and blurry. And it ruin's the entire scene because you have half sharp scenery around you and in the mountains in the distance they appear blurry. Looks terrible. Is there a way to fix this? I am running with 10 for the texture exp LOD in my p3d.cfg as well. Is it because I am using default mesh? I don't think this is the case, even when using full orbx terrain regions which includes its own highly detailed mesh, I also see these blurry mountain textures. Not sure whats going on. You can easily see this going on in places like LOWI, LEBB, or anywhere where there's mountains surrounded by the airport.

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2 hours ago, captain420 said:

I am running with 10 for the texture exp LOD in my p3d.cfg as well.

Assuming it is a case of the system not being able to load textures fast enough high values like 10 probably just make it worse.


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P3D may be running into a limitation and trying to prevent a problem, therefore throttling itself. Try reducing the EXP tweak to 9 and see if that makes a difference. I’ve heard of EXP 10 maxing out a 1080ti’s VRAM before, so that may be what is happening if you don’t have a 1080ti or greater GPU.

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