ProATC stops responding when ready for takeoff

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Had this a few times in a row now and I can't figure out what's wrong.

I start the flight as always, load the flight into ProATC and everything works as it's supposed to.
I obtain clearance, pushback permission, taxi to runway XXX and when close to the runway "Contact Tower xxxxx"
So far so good. But when my co-pilot (automatic setting within ProATC) has acknowledged the transfer to the tower frequency, the interaction with ProATC stops. The frequency is correct (as stated in the ProATC screen), but when I press '1' nothing happens. No contact is made with the tower.
Now then I say "screw it" and go into takeoff, ProATC starts telling me to abort takeoff, so apparently it is still active.

Anybody a clue on what's going in?

Note: I only recently migrated to P3Dv4.1. Before P3Dv4.1 ProATC worked flawlessly.

Note2: I will also post on the Pointsoft forum, but since Avsim is a more active forum, I'd though I'd also post here.




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For me the co-pilot (automatic setting within ProATC) does not acknowledge the transfer to the tower frequency.  When I get near the takeoff runway, ATC will tell me to change the frequency to the tower.  I do nothing.  The co-pilot does nothing.  When I get up to the runway (and not before I get up to the taxi holding point), I click 1 and I will see where I can ask ATC for takeoff clearance.  ATC will then tell me to hold or go onto the runway.

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Sometimes, due to the AFD file, the software Pro-ATC/X simply does not know when you are close to the runway. In such a situation, you have the option to "force takeoff from current position" in the Pro-ATC/X menue...

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