Repainting issues with C185 Tundra

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I have run into an issue when trying to create a new livery for the C185 Tundra, that the tires display as if they're chrome. Originally I thought that I was saving my files incorrectly, but I noticed that ANY livery I install, including the Carenado paint kit livery, results in chrome tires. Everything else on the model displays correctly. The only livery that has not caused me this issue was the default livery that came when installing the C185 Tundra.

Has anyone else ran into this issue and were able to resolve it?

Default livery:



Livery downloaded from Avsim:



Carenado repaint:



My livery:



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I have the Carenado C185F Bush for FSX and none of my repaints are doing that.  I've done several and they all look just fine.  I even gave my tundra tires white "raised" lettering and no issues.  Are you sure the downloads you are getting are for the Tundra?  I believe the tires in the Tundra version bitmaps are in a different place that the normal-wheeled version of the Skywagon.  Compare the texture bitmaps for the Default Livery that displays correctly with the AVSIM and Repainted Texture bitmaps and see where the tundra tires are.  Also check to make sure they alphas of the Default livery match the alphas of the repaints in the tire areas.

By the way, the repaint "kit" is not really a "kit"  It's just a white skin.  Carenado doesn't "do" paint kits if I recall correctly.  A kind soul created a "kit-like" repaint that could be used and layered and made it available for download.


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Unfortunately, I cannot compare to the default livery. Most of the bmp files are giving me an error in Photoshop- "Could not complete your request because an unexpected end-of-file was encountered."

That goes for most of the liveries I've downloaded also. Maybe one or two files can be opened on my PC without error, however they load mostly (not tires) fine in Prepar3d. Could you post a screenshot of Care185fuse_A.bmp so I could at least compare?

I've always assumed this was because the craft is relatively old, and was a BMP vs. DDS issue. Perhaps I'm having an issue specific to my computer?

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