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  1. Wow, can't believe I had never replied previously. I have the Basler working perfectly in P3Dv4.5. I have also, since, joined Buffalo Airways Virtual as technical officer and have created a couple additional liveries (Kenn Borek Air Ltd. C-FBKB & C-GJKB). Hope all is well with you, Andrew. Wonderful work.
  2. mcphatty, hopefully you've figured this out. It is most likely the way you are saving the .bmp file. Probably saving in your editing software. I use DXTbmp for final conversion and saving. I get the same issue if I just save the file through Photoshop.
  3. For anyone still experiencing this issue. I found the easiest way to get my reinstall of P3D to run was to rename the folders that contain remaining files after uninstall. Namely, in Documents, "Prepar3D v4 Add-ons" and "Prepar3D v4 Files", and in Program Data, "Lockheed Martin/Prepar3D v4". By just adding the word "Old" to the end of the file name. These folders are then recreated with the new installation. Any old corrupted files will not interfere with the installation. You will need to download all of your add-on scenery, aircraft, tweaks, etc. I recommend adding each piece individually and running the sim to confirm proper install. Exit the sim before installing the next add-on and run the sim again. Do this for every add-on to be sure they will all operate. This will identify any corrupt add-on. If an add-on does not install properly, re-download it from the original source and try again. Hope this helps if you have a load issue.
  4. Andrew, she is very much a DC3. Lovely model. But the textures don't work for me in P3Dv4. I will work on the files and let you know how it goes. Unless you know of someone who has gotten the plane to work in v4. Curtis Renshaw
  5. Is this better? The post is very suggestive and not specific. Yes, I should have contacted you to confirm prior to blowing $120 CDN. Live and learn. Tell you what, if PMDG will donate my purchase price of the QOTS FSX version to the AVSIM fundraiser and credit me with the donation, I will, in turn, purchase the v4 version. Let me know. Check around. You will find I keep my promises.
  6. Because, if you are flying a beautiful plane like the QOTS you will also want beautiful airports and scenery. Not possible in FSX. I OOM just flying over the Rocky Mountains no where near an airport. But, apparently, I "misread" a post suggesting the FSX version would be brought to the same level as the new P3Dv4 version as meaning the FSX would be made to work in v4. I would have waited to purchase if the message had been more clear. Now I spent the money on the wrong version and will have to spend another $160 CDN to get the one I should have waited a week to buy. PMDG response: not our problem.
  7. So, being an FSX user I take this statement to mean there will be an update coming to allow the FSX version to operate in the new P3Dv4. Having been requested to paint a livery for a friend and knowing I would be able to transition to P3Dv4 I went ahead and purchased the QOTS for FSX/FSX-SE. Now, I read this in todays post: There is no free transition/upgrade pricing between FSX and Prepar3D as these are different product lines. I guess this means I'm stuck in FSX if I want to fly my 747, or buy it again?
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