FO dials Heading and Altidute although I have the radio

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Hello to the community,

As stated in the subject I have th issue, that my FO dials heading as well as Altidute although I have the radio. This goes back to the thing, that sometimes ATC doesn't let me descent in in time so without any correction I would come way to hight to the approach. So I manually dial e.g. 5000 ft. but as soon as the ATC tells me I should mantain eg. 15.000ft my FO is doing that and selcting teh requested Altiude. So at the moment my only way out of this is, that I disengage the AP and fligh manually.

Can some pls. tell me what I'm doing wrong



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I thought that might be the case. It is the autopilot feature of PF3 that is changing your altitude and direction, although you say that you have the coms...do you mean you have the coms in MCE but not PF3? I think that is what is probably going on. You might want to change your virtual co pilot mode by going into options 1 CO pilot mode 1 will have him/her change the frequencies only and he won't set your altitude or heading.

  You say that you are too high on approach this almost certainly because you have not changed your altitudes on the flight planning page. Select a preset which is the rate at which the plane will climb and descend, i would save it as a defined preset eg Airbus. Now, when you click select flight, a page will pop up showing your way points and altitudes that you will be flying. Take a look at your way points closer to your destination airport...for example if at way point Flig it shows you at 18000 change it to something like 8000, it might not need to be that drastic, but start your descent sooner and click save. You don't always have to do this as PFE3 might vector you fine, but sometimes due to terrain avoidance issues for example, it will have you to high so always take a look at your altitudes page.

 Hope this helps.

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