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Yet More Control Hardware Woes

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Finally have some time to put all my reading and video watching to practice. Spent my ENTIRE day today configuring control surfaces for this aircraft. Disclaimer: I have flown piston ac, mostly the DC3, for thousands of hours. I had a few hundred hours in the CRJ45 a few years back, but it’s mostly forgotten. I have spent considerable time reading the manuals and watching the Airline2sim video series, and ALL the posts here for the past few years. I come to the land of hopeful pity on this soul somewhat prepared.

Very frustrating day. My setup: CH Eclipse Yoke, THQ throttle quad and CH Rudder pedals. I’m using the registered version of FSUIPC. All my “stuff” works fine in my DC3 and other aircraft.

The biggest issue I am having is getting the throttle and condition levers set up and calibrated. Not as much of an issue with the condition levers, although they could be better I’m sure. The two throttle levers, on the other hand, are driving me bat---t. Here is what I have done and what I’m getting.

Set up the Q400 yoke, throttle and rudder in FSUIPC, for calibration to FSUIPC, then calibrate. Seems to go OK doing that. Control surfaces appear to respond as they should.

My understanding is the next step is to then go into the Q400 control panel and set that up. I can follow previous forum posts logic, to a degree, but I’m still not getting the desired responses on the throttle. I put the various input values into the corresponding boxes after moving the levers to the correct position. What I don’t know, or understand, is the setting for Denent. This lack of understanding may be the culprit.

What I’m getting is a radical jump on the throttle lever when I push the CH lever just past Flight idle, all the way to MAX. Makes trying to cruise a bit difficult. Trying to taxi is a comedy of errors.




Full Reverse =  -16384

WHAT do I put into IDENT????

This old pilot trying to learn jets is almost a comedy show in itself. I’m determined to stick with this and get it right. Any help would be most welcomed. I’m patient, can RTFM and consider myself somewhat versed in these matters. But this one is a major PITA. Thanks!

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The "RATING detent" is where the throttles sit from takeoff until top of climb (power changes are managed by FADEC unless you level off, the throttles sit still in the detent). It's very rare to advance the throttles beyond rating detent to MAX, that's pretty much for emergencies and very short takeoffs only.

You need to set quite a high detent value, towards the end of your throttle's forward travel (in fact mine is set at the end, if I want max I have to press F4 on the keyboard).

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