Syncronizing FMC and Pilot2Atc

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First - I'm have not even installed Pilot2Act. Secondly I'm quite new to X-plane. So give me a chance :-)

I have spent many hours flying FF 767 using X-plane 11. Now time has come to meet a new challenge - the ATC. I spend a lot of time looking at different products (eg. 124thatcv2), but have have decided to go for Pilot2Atc - even though I expect the learning curve to be steep. 

One issue that confuses me is the need for syncronizing the flight plan i Pilot2Atc and the FMC. I some blogs people complains, that the FMC does not import SiD and Stars. I assume, that they require the detailed flight plan of the ATC and the FMD to be identical. Is that preferred? 

I though that the fun would be that the ATC could vector you from the runway to the transition point or vector you to the final approach. If the FMC has a 100% copy of the flight plan, isn't the result just that the ATC will tell you exactly what you have in the FMC - and don't you loose some fun this way? 




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I am a newbie to X plane as well earlier this year.  Welcome, I hope that you will enjoy this new platform.  I came from FSX and haven't looked back especially with native mutli-monitor support.

Well I along with many hear will say that it does not take away from the experience.  Add to this the many features that enrich the experience make it very worthwhile.  Adding ATC background chatter and up to 15 sapi 5 voices so you can here things in the language of your choice.

Nothing like having ATC tell me just before my descent that my star and approach have been changed due to weather differences.  Creates very exciting times in my cockpit re-programming the B772 FMC.

Look at it this way.  You create your flight plan in your plane and then export in some format that pilot2atc can read.  Add the sid/stars/approach as needed.  Now, file the plan like you would with ATC.  Pilot2atc does not fly your plane but it will help correct you if you go off course.  What could be more real than this.  It certainly makes it feel less lonely in the cockpit.

Not sure where the system specs are for Pilot2atc but I would assume that meeting X Plane resource requirements will suffice for Pilot2atc.  It is heavy memory so 16GB of main memory is a must almost these days.

So I highly recommend and there are other forums regarding pilot2atc that are not managed by the author Dave that state the same thing.  The support provided by Dave is top notch and the best of any product I have purchased on X plane.org.

I would say in my opinion that for X plane Pilot2atc and World Traffic 3 are must have addons.

Take advantage of the trial that Dave offers and Enjoy your flight.


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