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  1. I have always found Nextup support to be very helpful. Just ask them.
  2. Check out Note 32bit voices will not work with current version of p2a. They offer Ivona which i have an work perfectly.
  3. I just installed this version as it seems a bit more current than what I had. 2046/7. Started XP and no problems connecting with p2a. Have a great flight.
  4. Someone has put up the latest version on X-plane forum that was available until the XPUIPC site comes back online. I have not used this link so I would certainly used common sense that this is safe. I have downloaded and scanned with Windows Defender. Examined the content and all seems as it should be.
  5. +1 yes please. I have seen my windows logout get stuck on this prompt instead of listening to windows and exiting.
  6. JeB1952

    KLAS Clr Del 118.0 has radio station on it!

    This made me laugh because it happened to me too. Do you per chance have PassengerFX LUA script installed. I don't know the frequencies support but it will play a radio station as an alternative to ATC sound. I have gone into the code and disabled its ATC support. Contact the author of this plugin for an updated script or instructions to disable. This is not a pilot2ATC problem.
  7. JeB1952

    P2A Ignoring My Runway Selections

    The good news is that Pilot2ATC has many configuration options that enable everyone to configure it just the way they like. In this case there is a setting in Config Flight Plan tab which enables forcing pilot runway selection. There is also a setting just below this one that will let you perform all the sid/star/approach settings. Have a great flight.
  8. JeB1952

    TOD incorrect?

    I like to fly the FF 777 and TOD is normally way off until I update the settings for the flight plan. I am guessing but it seems that airliners like to minimize the fuel and hold the descent until they can just idle the engines and glide down. Although, the 777 wants to drop like a rock and I have a hard time holding the speed down. I just FIRST keep the ground speed GS updated with what the aircraft is doing and then SECOND I adjust the descent rate to make the TOD close to the aircraft fmc calculation. I find that it is ground speed that is the big culprit. I find that for the FF 777 my descent is around 1600-1800 fpm. Whether what I am doing has any influence on what P2A is doing I don't know for sure but it does make me feel better to have TOD close to FMC. P2A gives me the 'Expect...' information when it reaches the STAR. Then I get the 'Descend via...' response which I used to think that I had to begin the descent now. I have learned that this isn't the case and with TOD close I just let the aircraft descend when it wants and I don't get nagged. Sometimes no matter what I am responsible to fly the plane so if I want to go down because something isn't right I just request a new lower altitude until P2A catches up. I am spoiled by P2A to have the information and map visible. In real world I would have nothing but my ears to receive instructions and act upon them. The map and flight plan and aircraft information is great for planning but I really think I need to start minimizing P2A. I think i will be less critical of the discrepancies. P2A does have problems at times so reporting here is your best approach so Dave can investigate or provide an explanation. P2A isn't perfect just like ATC is not perfect. Have a great flight
  9. JeB1952

    ATC Chatter talking over comms

    I experienced the ATC Chatter over ATIS problem. A fix is being finalized at the moment which stops this overlap. I didn't notice the chatter when there is ATC communication but now that you mention it I do think this is also happening. It has made me get stuck with ptt depressed waiting for chatter to stop so I can talk. For now just be rude and communicate with the controller over top of chatter.
  10. JeB1952


    There is some information in the user manual for installation and chart viewing. I believe the issue is to ensure Adobe Reader must be the default application for PDF documents. I find that Windows 10 often resets to Edge browser.
  11. There is a topic already that describes something that you may be interested in using. Topic: Another method to downgrade TTS voices to radio quality with low cpu load.
  12. I do think you have to be connected to the aircraft and the frequency changes must be happening. When you first connect you should receive ATIS with CLRDEL in the standby. Then swap frequency and (on mine there can be a lengthy hang). If the PTT button isn't going green then this is the hang. Just give it some time. Maybe up to a minute. Known bug but unknown cause at this point. If it doesn't change in the plane then ensure the PWR button on the lower left is green. If not that you will likely need to enable Avionics and Battery switch in Config/P2A Setup. What plane are you flying? Picking one of the stock like Baron 58 is a good place as the interface with Pilot2atc is not an issue. Once you get to a controller frequency you should be good to go. I reviewed the instructions for sound. I hope you don't have a controllers/controllers/... situation going on. Step by step and you will solve it. Once you do you will definitely love this addition.
  13. I don't specify the sound path and all works. Learned this from Dave. It sucks that pictures cannot be posted in the forum as this is worth a thousand words. Copied instructions from another post. Just inform Dave what the problem is and attach your log file. I am sure he will have a strong idea or find a new bug. You should include information about what you are running this software upon. Just thought of this possibility. Is the frequency changing in the plane? I know may be dumb question but I fly FF 777 a lot and this happens to me all the time. I have to enable Pilot2atc to control the radio. Please email the P2A log file for this flight to Log files are located in: C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Roaming\P2A_200\Logs where <UserName> is your PC user name A new one is created each time you start Pilot2ATC, so if you take the most recent one when you have the error, you should have the correct one. This is the best place to see what is going wrong. It is a bit cryptic but easy to read. It is easy to do something wrong at the beginning with this software. For the longest time I couldn't get ATC Chatter the old long file versions to work.
  14. One thing I noticed was the path to pilot2atc. Mine is named Pilot2ATC_2016_x64. Of course it can be changed during install. You don't need to specify the path for the sound files. This can eliminate a possible error not that you have just easier. I will assume that there are a 10 sub folders in controllers each with sound files. Maybe volume turned down. Click on COM1 standby like you were going to enter a frequency. Click on the UP button which controls sound volume. Everything you describe sounds correct.
  15. JeB1952

    Navigraph 1801 update

    Is there a chance that the path to Pilot2ATC is incorrect? With the upgrade to 64 bit, Dave changed the name of the directory for P2A. I myself made this mistake the first time a cycle updated. I am using P2A with NavDataPro with no problem but I did update the pathing.