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  1. JeB1952

    Stuck in a hand off loop

    Well I haven't been contacted by Tower and had my hands slapped for entering the runway. It is the runup area and planes are not supposed to land there. Besides if you also have World Traffic 3 then you are probably used to seeing aircraft parked there even when you are landing.
  2. JeB1952

    CereProc voices on sale now!

    Yes it is possible to use an older version of Cereproc and Ivona voices together. Dave has this situation but the version is older. From Ivona support it is my understanding there is a common library but they are of different versions that may be causing the problem. In P2A the combination didn't work at all and in Windows speech. The first voice chosen makes the other not work. I agree there should have been isolation but there isn't. Personally, the best approach is pick your favorite and stick to that company and don't bother mixing and save yourself the headache. I don't think there is anything wrong with either just not together. It would be nice if Cereproc/Ivona could work together to come up with a solution but this isn't possible. Buyer beware.
  3. JeB1952

    Registration Pilot2atc

    Yes, product security can be a pain in the ... but necessary due to theft. Any change to a system may trigger a rejection of the current license as it thinks you are on a new computer. I have had this happen when adding main memory, ssd drive. Thankfully it didn't happen when microsoft updates windows. Now i only make system changes during weekdays. Dave is normally very responsive but due to an emergency with his health he is not up to his old self. All I know flying without Pilot2ATC really changes the experience and how much ATC control of my flight helps me get there. I don't even want to fly if it isn't working. Just try again as I am sure mail maintenance is not a lengthy procedure normally.
  4. JeB1952

    Registration Pilot2atc

    Please send an email with your license key to Dave I believe when able is monitoring email and may be able to take care of registration. He isn't doing much monitoring of the forum.
  5. JeB1952

    CereProc voices on sale now!

    Just make sure the voice is for 64bit windows as anything else will not work with the current version of p2a.
  6. JeB1952

    Stuck in a hand off loop

    This is the problem when the hold point isn't where the aircraft is located. This is particularly true when the taxi path uses the run-up area at the end of the runway. There are two ways to resolve move the plane forward until you reach the hold point or end of taxi route. The other is the use taximnt to add the missing hold points. See the manual on using taximnt. It really isn't that bad to use. Don't worry about how ugly the route is just add the hold points. Don't forget after you add the points and saved, you must restart p2a to read the updated database which is only read at startup.
  7. JeB1952

    Tuned to CENTRE and getting ATIS....

    This action will affect many others things like Better Pushback and Flywithlua speech interface will go silent. It took me a long time to determine why I couldn't get sound out of flywithlua was because the radio was turned down. It is really sad that 11.30 can't include an option to disable ATIS in the aircraft. I would just recommend to request a change to center and you will get a new frequency that isn't ATIS.
  8. Tip for X-ATC Chatter. Pilot2ATC doesn't support regions yet. However, I have found a way to do so just changing the location of the regions as this picture indicates. I placed each region at the ATC_Chatter level. Pilot2ATC will look in the designation location in the Config/sounds for ...controllers/... Dam no pictures here. ATC_Chatter Africa Canada United States etc If flying in Canada, I point P2A sounds at whatever region I am located. For Example I enter the path to Canada and now I get Canada chatter. Of course regions with no sound clips will not have any bites. Enjoy. PS.In the main Controllers directory I merged all the regions together into one worldly view. Its so funny to get accents during flight.
  9. JeB1952

    Can not file flight plan

    I used autoplan I got almost the same as you with no problem including DADL2S. Starting to sound like old airac cycle. Glad you resolved. Have a great weekend.
  10. JeB1952

    Can not file flight plan

    What airac and version of Pilot2atc are you using? I loaded your route into simbrief and generated with no problem with airac 1901. Not a flight plan expert by any means but my guess since you only give an example is that it is not on airway h182.but on h191. I have a hard time with it doesn't work then why do it? See I just do what route planning sites prepare for me and go with it. This doesn't sound like a pilot2atc problem. Do you get an error message of some kind? I added IDLOK with no problem and it filed okay. Are you connected to your aircraft and the pilot2atc PWR is green?
  11. JeB1952

    CereProc voices on sale now!

    I did find Cereproc support not to willing to investigate. Ivona support did help and even offered to provide an older version. I didn't need the headache, got my money back and bought as many Ivona that I wanted.
  12. JeB1952

    CereProc voices on sale now!

    Beware Ivona and Cereproc voices do not play well together at least the last time I tried.
  13. That's great to hear. Have a great flight.
  14. Have you tried any of the suggestions provided by Dave earlier in this thread? There is a lot of detail about speech in the user guide that may help. Are you able to train with just microsoft speech? Have you gone into windows control 'speech recognition' applet? This will make sure you have a functioning speech system. When I click Grmr Help, I get the first window and then click Train I get a second window that allows me to train. Update the callsign you use. Click on the controller in the Full training and the Train button within this box. (There are too many buttons labelled train), How does your experience differ? Dave is unavailable to assist as he is recovering from surgery.
  15. JeB1952

    Not Recognizing AI Traffic