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  1. JeB1952

    Boeing 777 wireless problem

    Ok, painful but thanks to XChecklist. Once you have power you have to turn the power on com1 radio and push the VHF L button. To hear the radio say for ATIS you have to enable the L VHF just below com1 radio otherwise you won't hear. It has been a very long time since I flew this plane. you might want to go to the 777 forum for specific help for this plane.
  2. JeB1952

    Boeing 777 wireless problem

    If this is the FF 777, in the config menu accessed on the upper right. There is an option 'Plugin radio'. Enabled allows p2a to control radio, Disabled allows you to control. Now it has been a while but I believe I had to disable plugin radio to set the transponder code and then enable again.
  3. Once the error is received, it appears that sqlservr.exe service MUST be killed otherwise even restoring to 1811 gets the same error. The size of the corrupt P2ADynamicData.ldf is 200000 kb. The size of the good 1811 is 200230kb
  4. I just did a manual download of version 2 and the problem persists.
  5. FYI. You will have to add the ICAO codes for the Seattle scenery that DD just issued. It is great but I knew to rename the Airports folder as: "DD Seattle Airports XP KSEA KPAE KBFI KRNT S50" to be able to import these airports.
  6. i have been having issues with waypoint tracking with recent releases at every departure airport. Yes I am flying the right plan but it is always stuck at the airport. the procedure (royal pain) sometimes corrects problem. I have used the validate button and this corrects the tracking until I reach the next waypoint and then it gets stuck again. I am using with X plane 11. P2A confused I'll say but this was rarely the case now it is more often.
  7. I have also encountered the wrong taxi way instructions. This has been happening since 2505 and I believe the new Force DeP Rwy option was added to SID. No matter what I tried all flight plan options in config disabled etc. I finally just ignored the problem and went to the runway in my plan. It has been a while since I have flown but it may have something to do with runway for departure based on weather. I don't know how to reproduce as yet. I do think there is a problem and it isn't a usage issue or a config option. I don't ever recall having incorrect taxi way instructions. Departure from the wrong runway based ATIS etc yes still happens but this isn't that problem. My memory fails but I think it had something to do with the fix for p2a choosing the incorrect sid for the runway chosen. P2A was choosing a sid for other end of the runway.
  8. JeB1952

    Airac cycle 1808

    The Navigraph files go into the data sub directory for Pilot2ATC. In my navigraph I just choose the correct path to Pilot2ATC and the installer correctly places in the data subfolder.
  9. I have always found Nextup support to be very helpful. Just ask them.
  10. Check out Note 32bit voices will not work with current version of p2a. They offer Ivona which i have an work perfectly.
  11. I just installed this version as it seems a bit more current than what I had. 2046/7. Started XP and no problems connecting with p2a. Have a great flight.
  12. Someone has put up the latest version on X-plane forum that was available until the XPUIPC site comes back online. I have not used this link so I would certainly used common sense that this is safe. I have downloaded and scanned with Windows Defender. Examined the content and all seems as it should be.
  13. +1 yes please. I have seen my windows logout get stuck on this prompt instead of listening to windows and exiting.
  14. JeB1952

    KLAS Clr Del 118.0 has radio station on it!

    This made me laugh because it happened to me too. Do you per chance have PassengerFX LUA script installed. I don't know the frequencies support but it will play a radio station as an alternative to ATC sound. I have gone into the code and disabled its ATC support. Contact the author of this plugin for an updated script or instructions to disable. This is not a pilot2ATC problem.
  15. JeB1952

    P2A Ignoring My Runway Selections

    The good news is that Pilot2ATC has many configuration options that enable everyone to configure it just the way they like. In this case there is a setting in Config Flight Plan tab which enables forcing pilot runway selection. There is also a setting just below this one that will let you perform all the sid/star/approach settings. Have a great flight.