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  1. Hate cross posting. I found your topic in the forum and have been reading the information. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/272212-pilot2atc/&do=findComment&comment=2423122 Really a developer issue so XP12 developer documentation somewhere? If it uses XP SDK then I would say might be SOL. I would be looking for another payware solution. Has anyone thought to check the XPUIPCOffsets.cfg for datarefs that are no longer available. I read that XPWideClient shows connected and then drops. This makes me think the issue is in the offset file which does transfer X plane datarefs information. I am guessing that XPUIPC is the plugin dying so I would expect the wideclient to also terminate the connection. I have been using XPUIPC to connect Pilot2ATC and SelfLoadingCargo uses this plugin as well. Thats all my old mainframe mind could draw up. Good luck. Pick one place to continue, I suggest over in XP12 Utilities topic as there may be more eyes from Laminar. XPUIPC is important to many but not many are reporting the issue. The more report the more attention.
  2. Taximnt will be impacted by this global airports change.
  3. There are some issues with P2A and XP12. SIM Weather has moved but if you are using this weather system then no issue. ASXP I think is a dead product so I have set P2A to NOAA for at least current weather. May not exactly match XP12 SIM weather but should be close. TG is the more difficult issue to get working to supply AI information for the map. This all seems to stem to Laminar decision to relocate global airports out of custom scenery and replace with a new scenery_packs.ini record placeholder. This is causing issues with Xorganizer.
  4. I have experienced this issue and you might want to try out the latest public beta's from Public Beta (p2atc.com) I don't know what the solution was but for me it was landing at MMMX and descend to 4000ft over and over. Although, the beta might have new issues there are so many fixes to make it worth while. I have had to go back one or two releases sometimes but I find the beta as stable as the production version but with many problems resolved.
  5. Been a while but It depends on WT support for X plane 11.55 and the new AI arrays. P2A option for AI traffic for 11.55 is unchecked then the old method is utilized. I think this option may relate to your problem of not seeing the traffic. Ground traffic will freeze when aircraft goes above 3000ft. Disable/enable ground traffic will remove and rebuild.
  6. This software may be of interest to you. VOICEMEETER by VB-AUDIO – The world´s most used Virtual Audio Mixer & Sound Tool This will end the issue of changing or reconnecting audio devices. I use it to just mix things all together but the output I decide. Mostly I use headphones but sometimes I use desktop or monitor speakers. X Plane for example will not allow you to change output device and it won't reconnect either. Big bummer! It will isolate your audio devices from the real devices so you are reconnecting to Voicemeeter and not the application which never realized that anything happened. Basic or Banana level are free and I don't believe they nag at this level. Basic would meet your needs. Is it complicated? No but it can be hard to get your mind around it. Assign your mic for hardware input 1 and your output A1 and A2 to desktop and mic. Point Mic input to B1 and point Desktop or voicemeeter vaio to A1 or A2 as desired. Make you default device Voicemeeter VAIO. I also like to use Ear Trumpet to manage audio for the windows applications along with voicemeeter to make the mixing connections. It is well supported via Discord voicemeeter (discord.com) and there are many youtube videos to assist in setup. I like desktop on A1 as this is when I would want to use my keyboard mute key. Not true for headphones. I have a suspected issue with using Hibernate/resume on windows 11 that results in static. I make sure I shutdown the engine and the app and restart it every morning and it has been okay. Are there other audio mixing applications. Yes I found another recently but I didn't like it as it was more adware than anything. It did work but I really prefer Voicemeeter and currently using Potato version.
  7. Just guessing but I am thinking something in the button config is incorrect with the new device you added. this forum doesn't support pictures except off somewhere else. Related may be the setting at the bottom of btns config "Require P2A or SIM Focus" I think maybe you have a SayIT hotkey setup somehow. Because you added a new device then maybe the order or device codes have been changed but P2A doesn't know this.
  8. I have experienced the same problem with different aircraft and more so in MSFS. The config p2a setup option for "Reverse Com Channels" seems to influence this result. Try reversing whatever it is presently. I also would click on the desired com in my case com1 that is right beside STBY on the lower left pane might help to get it to stick. I have ignore avionics and battery disabled. In msfs I fly H145 which use com2.
  9. I just keep the stable version and current beta downloads and just install over top. This will preserve your settings and especially the taximnt database. Nothing wrong with what you are doing but you will lose settings and I am not sure it helps as the common point is what is located in your appdata and doesn't understand stable or beta. If it works great. I have GB of chatter sound files, etc and I am always running beta. Old problems fixed and new problems arise but these days new problem are not that bad really. Then there is airac data to keep up to date. This is one problem that just installing the version you want to use today is simple and takes little time. Happy flying
  10. I think I may have stumbled onto the p2a issue that seems to happen with Process Lasso. I reproduced the behavior with just p2a and lasso. When I close p2a I am getting an unhandled exception and then another error in the kernal.dll. I believe that the cause is closing p2a with the red X button WITHOUT giving P2A the focus. I think this will reproduce left over task. Giving p2a Focus first and then close will avoid the exception. If someone could test this theory on their rig. I am running 2621 but I am sure it happens below. This is not the only reason for continuing to run when p2a is suspended for hung threads. Thanks I did 3 problem free flights and now trying lasso again but i will watch for the focus.
  11. Thanks for sharing. I am seeing the exact same thing. When I reinstalled Lasso I noticed there is a install at boot option that I thought might help. It is something about how Lasso inserts itself. I tried a run with lasso but no performance tuning options and it still hung the process which can be killed by lasso. Two flights now without Lasso and my performance is just as good using the high performance power option and no problems of any kind. I have forwarded the concerns to Dave and the author of Lasso. Note that I have seen issue with X-plane hanging as well but this has cleared up and may have been caused by TG as there have been comments about X plane not shutting down with TG. I can't say I have experienced. You may want to check your event log as I found repeating entries for p2a, 1st .net exception and 2nd is kernall violation and crash. I think this is leaving the lasso version stuck in limbo but running and not suspended as other symptoms have presented. There are two problems going on here. The first with p2a us that it wasn't in taskmgr but was showing suspended in process explorer. Now with the version I am running no more suspended state just the instance running in lasso and I am getting these event errors.
  12. I am still encountering this issue. Every lengthy? flight I would not be able to restart P2A. Shutdown process lasso and what has been happening no longer happened. X-Plane, P2A and a couple other programs are excluded from probalance and that was it. The remainder is just managing power profile. So if you have Process Lasso and are experiencing then try a flight without it. I did not find that my X plane performance suffered in any way. This behavior started within the last two months.
  13. Just search the web for Process Lasso. It can aid in providing your gaming the most resources. I don't use cpu affinity as things work much better on windows 10 without. In windows 10 don't forget to set the graphics settings in game mode for the game which keeps the video card at high power and maybe suspends some windows processes.
  14. I also have the latest process lasso and I have a strong gut feeling that it may be involved. In conclusive so far. I mostly run P2A with fsuipc7 beta and p2a_link for TG, X-Plane, I have had problems with X-plane not shutting down completely. Found ProcessGoverner.exe at the bottom of this thread chain. I do think Lasso will always be involved because of the nature of the program. Thought I would list to see any comparisons with programs involved with X-plane TG AI to fsuipc7 to Pilot2ATC. Yesterday everything seemed fine until this morning. I had an Nvidia driver update that may have contributed.
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