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  1. I don't think it is needed or works. As soon as TG starts and TCAS enabled then the AI aircrafts are no longer accessable. I have seen the datarefs and everything is present including the old datarefs. Why p2a doesn't see them is probably depending on a single flag. No to get this straight the fix required for p2a is to see traffic not interface with TG. TCAS is X plane which p2a used to support and now it isn't working. So it continues waiting for 11.50 support and this has nothing to do with opengl or vulcan.
  2. There are no AI aircraft with the new tcas system and thus none of the ai overhead. Now that TCAS is back in Traffic global and possibly world traffic, x-life etc, Pilot2ATC does not see the traffic or display on map .
  3. This problem occurs if there is no flight plan information. Needs departure ICAO wpt entered at the minimum.
  4. I just wanted to add that it is working great as I can assign the same voice to copilot and for Pilot2ATC. Really helps with the emmersion as it is the same voice.
  5. I use the JAR Copilot for both A319/A321 🙂 no problems with Pilot2ATC other than finding a different key to make the copilot listen.
  6. First, Traffic Global has been mostly wrong but they did just make a new release that gets the wind at airport elevation instead of your aircraft. This should help a lot but I don't find it is following ATC flow rules much any longer with its multiple runway coding. I have only done one flight so it may have improved. Anyway, it is always improving as does P2A As for making Pilot2ATC do your bidding, enable the 'force pilot runway in flight plan tab'. Then the changes due to weather won't happen.
  7. To get a green connect button, you MUST have at least destination entered into the flight plan area or load up your desired flight plan.
  8. In my experience, especially for the p2a pop ups that occur will stay on the desired monitor if I start the application on that monitor. Of your you will have to position and size the main screen and also the minimized version which is a separate display. The reason you must perform the position and sizing twice. If you don't have a taskbar for the desired monitor I think it will mostly be solved once you complete the position/sizing of the main/minimum displays. The popup screens might still go to the wrong screen.
  9. I just drop this line of code into any of my favorite lua scripts and it is always off if run. See no reason to be able to enable or disable as I never use X Plane ATC or ATIS. I found other sounds where missing as well with the no volume approach. Not really understanding what a switch to disable ATIS like ATC text or voice. --turn off x plane atis always set( "sim/atc/atis_enabled", 0)
  10. I have the same problem but I believe I am just starting to talk too soon. If I wait a second and then start works much better. I think there is a pause setting that will delay p2a listening that might help. I haven't tried it.
  11. One thing that happens on my setup and maybe is affecting yours is the text for the frequency is incorrect or missing. When it goes from Ground to Tower quite often the text remains GND. It doesn't matter how I request it will not answer a request for departure. Flip the frequencies twice will usually correct the behavior. I find taxi request takes relatively longer time to answer. I usually try 'Radio check' which will sometimes unstick p2a and if this doesn't work I look at the frequency text to see if this is correct GND, TWR, APP, etc. I find most of my issues are GND to TWR and APP to TWR. This problem hasn't reduced with the versions. The frequency text and not the frequency seems to inform P2A what it is doing.
  12. Ever wanted to listen to P2A ATIS information which matches P2A weather information. Due to a post for FF A320 finally we know how to disable without disabling the radios. Set sim/atc/atis_enabled to 0. You can use your favorite dataref editing tools or even insert into LUA script so you never forget. Supposedly it will stay this way until the next X plane upgrade but I have not confirmed this aspect.
  13. P2A is telling you your aircraft is not located KWAL. Flipped some letters maybe.
  14. I am using WT3. Yes Pilot2ATC are separate. P2A does very good at seeing AI traffic but not perfect. Now once the interface between the two comes to life I hope it will be better. I believe WT3 is supposed to assign each of the 19 X-Plane AI aircraft to be the closest ones but if this isn't true then P2A would not know about the plane coming in.
  15. I suggest zooming out to show full route will reduce map updates since the map isn't moving with the aircraft.
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