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  1. I just installed Little Navmap 2.8.12 and have P2A Beta7M2 (same as currently available with unpublished fix for screen placement). Lil' Navmap doesn't show ground but P2A does if enabled. The count of AI as provided by Traffic Global.
  2. Also, I run the current beta always but the plugin did change a while ago due to xp12 updates. I have no information so I can't even suggest why. Suggest trying to update to current beta and make sure you install the plugin from the beta. This plugin doesn't change often. The approach I use is to try to influence the problem better or worse. You could send your log to admin@p2atc.com. Located here C:\Users\<your user>\AppData\Roaming\P2A_200\Logs
  3. The AI will only show up if they are active and moving. If you have enabled AI, disabled, enabled it will be slower to populate the AI for performance reasons.
  4. Well then the obvious answer is that either P2A is transmitting the ATIS information or some other unidentified source such as X-ATC-Chatter
  5. Was rereading the first post and I don't know what you are doing as I used my script, brought up my AC and P2A which has ATIS enabled. Using DRT I changed the ATIS dataref to =1 and now I hear two ATIS reports. Setting it back to =0 and XP ATIS is disabled. If you are saying it doesn't work then your script is not working. Use a tool like datareftool to set the value manualy will prove this works or not. This solution works for XP11 and XP12.
  6. I have used this LUA script method to disable XP ATIS and I don't believe there is any other method. I have a script for LUA "My X-Plane Settings.lua" and drop the following two lines into it and place in FLYWITHLUA scripts folder. ATIS will be disabled at every startup. --turn off x plane atis always set( "sim/atc/atis_enabled", 0)
  7. I run MSFS on 32GB just fine with P2A and the memory usage is no where near this level. I do have a rtx3090ti with 24GB which helps a lot.
  8. I reported this behavior to Toliss but their response lacking. They don't read the frequencies only set with aircraft. It is a display thing only. the frequency really does change.
  9. Slow to appear after cycling the AI buttons is a performance design feature. the first time you enable AI traffic is obtains all the data quickly but the the 2nd+ then it is obtained slowly. Normal behavior.
  10. Loaded up XP11 with TG 171 and I am seeing some traffic. not much but I am using a mod to TG traffic but the link is working properly.
  11. Thought I would check my installation with XPUIPC, P2A Beta 2 and X Plane 12 with Toliss A321 and as previous posters have reported although I have traffic at KLAS nothing is showing in P2A. XPUIPC is working as I can change radio frequencies but nothing out of P2A_Link. TCAS array enabled in TG and DRT shows activity in the TCAS array. I went back as far as 2641 and no change.
  12. I was having problems with P2A not detecting AI landing. Turned out I had AI disabled in the config. Once enabled then P2A detected more often. I did have to change the distance from 10nm to 5nm as there was way too many traffic alerts. So instead of disabling to reduce AI alerts (since aircraft has TCAS) I changed the monitoring parameters. Dave: I would like to have AI detection for Arrival/Departure but not in the air.
  13. The hold for incoming traffic stopped working sometime mid beta for for XP. Still working for traffic on runway and instructing to line up and wait.
  14. I have used X plane ATC and MSFS ATC. Pilot2ATC is an excellent training application that I can't give a higher recommendation as it is the best. Definitely worth your time to take the 10 days trial. It is certainly a steep learning curve mostly on the installation and setup and if your PC is on the weaker side may have issues but free trial is just that and I don't believe it is disabled in any way other than 10 days. I knew nothing about how to interact with ATC then and I am not sure I am any braver to try Vatsim etc but Pilot2ATC provides the assistance of ATC that I require. I have used for probably almost 5 years now and never regretted my decision.
  15. X plane 12 moved the real weather output to a new location .../Output/real weather and in the last couple of days updated the schedule for this output to twice per hour and changed the name of the metar data file. This broke any program including P2A that needs to read the METAR.rwx data. There is a package at the link below that will copy the new metar data to the root of X-Plane 12 as METAR.rwx enabling access for all versions of P2A or any other program. Dave has of course provided a new beta release that is compatible with latest changes but not everyone wants to run beta. Pre-requisites: Install FLYWITHLUA plugin and it is recommended using version 2.8.1 (may even be required for xp 12) Open the zip file and you will find a BAT and LUA program. Drop the BAT program into the root of X Plane 12 Drop the LUA program into the scripts folder of FLYWITHLUA plugin. The LUA program will invoke the BAT program on 15 and 45 minutes past the hour and copy the updated data to root as METAR.wrx. It does cause a cmd window to flash each time so you know it is running properly. This is the design of the CMD program an unavoidable. The original program was developed by @SparkerInVR to provide compatibility for programs that required this data. It is smart enough to work no matter the name you are using for the X Plane 12 folder. Important! LR changed the filename of weather metar files! For ex. LNM and P2ATC cannot read data! - Page 2 - XP12 Compatibility List: Utilities - X-Plane.Org Forum
  16. You are correct. It doesn't show up in Windows 11 settings apps only in control panel.
  17. Interesting as I don't have SQL installed or not listed in my APPS list. I do remember installing vcredist 2015-2022
  18. I don't think the PTT assignment works for Grammer training. Doesn't on mine but works for flying.
  19. No problems with Pilot2atc installing/running on windows 11. Maybe you are missing a library? Check the troubleshooting manual that is located in the pilot2atc folder.
  20. "I get a rw heading directly to the rw - not to the beginning of the approach." I get the same result whether using a star or not. the vector was to the runway and not to the approach waypoint as it used to do. This is wrong and requesting radar vectors that are already supposed to be issued is no better.
  21. Have you checked out the troubleshooting manuals. The com settings are in p2atc setup in config. The one that comes to mind is coms reverse.
  22. Hate cross posting. I found your topic in the forum and have been reading the information. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/272212-pilot2atc/&do=findComment&comment=2423122 Really a developer issue so XP12 developer documentation somewhere? If it uses XP SDK then I would say might be SOL. I would be looking for another payware solution. Has anyone thought to check the XPUIPCOffsets.cfg for datarefs that are no longer available. I read that XPWideClient shows connected and then drops. This makes me think the issue is in the offset file which does transfer X plane datarefs information. I am guessing that XPUIPC is the plugin dying so I would expect the wideclient to also terminate the connection. I have been using XPUIPC to connect Pilot2ATC and SelfLoadingCargo uses this plugin as well. Thats all my old mainframe mind could draw up. Good luck. Pick one place to continue, I suggest over in XP12 Utilities topic as there may be more eyes from Laminar. XPUIPC is important to many but not many are reporting the issue. The more report the more attention.
  23. Taximnt will be impacted by this global airports change.
  24. There are some issues with P2A and XP12. SIM Weather has moved but if you are using this weather system then no issue. ASXP I think is a dead product so I have set P2A to NOAA for at least current weather. May not exactly match XP12 SIM weather but should be close. TG is the more difficult issue to get working to supply AI information for the map. This all seems to stem to Laminar decision to relocate global airports out of custom scenery and replace with a new scenery_packs.ini record placeholder. This is causing issues with Xorganizer.
  25. I have experienced this issue and you might want to try out the latest public beta's from Public Beta (p2atc.com) I don't know what the solution was but for me it was landing at MMMX and descend to 4000ft over and over. Although, the beta might have new issues there are so many fixes to make it worth while. I have had to go back one or two releases sometimes but I find the beta as stable as the production version but with many problems resolved.
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