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I'm currently testing Pilot2Atc. It looks very good, but I have som newbie issues - perhaps related to FF 767.

I can't switch to COM1. COM2 works fine, but if I try to switch to COM1, it automatically returns to COM2. Also - if I change the altimeter - it changes back to the original content. If the change the altimeter in the a/c, it is reflected in Pilot2atc. I have tested with another aircraft without any issues.  

I have one other issues I'm struggling with - perhaps it is related. Somehow I ended up in the f/o seat of the plane. This has not been an issue for me - I haw just used other views. But could the fact, that the default view is the f/o view be related to the lack of COM1 setting? 

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I fly the FF 777 and the COM issue is resolved by ensuring the MIC for L VHF is enabled same for C/O MIC L VHF so they can hear the captains communication.

For Pilot2ATC to be able to switch coms the 777 has a Plugins Radio switch enabled in the setting menu (top right).

It seems that FF aircraft do not use the standard datarefs so some things in Pilot2atc stop working and this may be your problem.  It is not a Pilot2ATC problem but FF design.  XPNDR being one of the main ones.  I must uncheck Plugin Radio and set the xpndr in the plane and then re-enable Plugin Radio so Pilot2atc can change the radio frequencies.


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 The FF 767 has a virtuel iPad where you (an addition to the menus) can control settings like no of passengers, fuel truck etc. In one of the pages there is a setting "f/o in control". This setting moves the control to the f/o - that is the right seat. Thus the Pilot2Atc gives control to the COM2 radio. Perhaps there is more to it, but it seem that disabling "f/o in control" moves the control to the left seat (the default view "w" also becomes the left seat) and default the radio to COM1 in Pilot2Atc. Then it works.


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