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Possible bugs found in G1000 for Cessna 172s

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I have just bought the MindStar G1000 Simulator and had it installed in Prepar3D v3.4. After playing it around for a short while, I have already found many problems. For your reference, I used the default navigation database and with MindStar C172 G1000 without GFC which should simulate Cessna NAVIII option.

Problem 1: Repeated transition waypoint when loading an approach.

How to reproduce (example):

-          Set airplane to LFBR

-          On MFD, push FPL, FMS, and rotate FMS to add waypoint AGN (VOR in France) after LFBR

-          With the cursor on the new line, push PROC, ENTER (SELECT APPROACH), and rotate FMS to choose LFBA (Agen), approach ILS29, AGN as the transition. Press ENT twice to load the approach and acknowledge the disclaimer.


-          In your simulator, the waypoint AGN is duplicated but in the official trainer AGN is placed under the approach procedure.

-          In your "select approach page", the IAF waypoints such as “AGN” are not post-fixed by white “iaf”.

Problem 2: Incorrect display for D-> Logic.

-          Continue with the example above

-          Push “D->” button, choose AGN, and direct to AGN.

Discrepancy: in your simulator, the ACTIVE FLIGHT PLAN box shows “D-> AGN”, while in the official trainer, it remains “LFBR / LFBA” because this waypoint is a part of the flight plan.

Problem 3: Cancel D-> Logic.

-          Continue with the example above

-          Push “D->”, “MENU” can choose cancel direct-to nav.

Discrepancy: in your simulator, the entire enroute part containing the departure aerodrome LFBR is disappeared. But in the official trainer, it is still there and the active leg reverts to “LFBR to AGN”

Problem 4: Delayed update of D-> ACTIVE FLIGHT PLAN BOX

-          Continue with the example above

-          Push “D->”, rotate FMS to enter “GAI” (VOR in France), and ENT

Discrepancy: In the “ACTIVE FLIGHT PLAN” box, the “D-> GAI” is not updated immediately, although on PFD, it is updated. You have to push FPL to close the FPL window and push FPL to open the window again to have the correct “ACTIVE FLIGHT PLAN” shown.

Problem 5: Incorrect input

-          Push PROC, select an approach, to choose "LFBA" you rotate FMS to choose letter “L”, followed by “F”, then in order to choose “B”, if you rotate FMS continuously clockwise it has to pass through digits “5,6,7,8,9” multiple times before finally get to letter “A”.

Problem 6: CTD

-          Push PROC, select an approach, rotate FMS to select LFBD, and the Prepar3d will crash.


In addition to functions not simulated such as airways, VNAV in FPL, etc. Having just sitting on the ground and played with your simulator for few minutes and I have found so many possible buggy behaviors… If this can be solved by database update, please let me know and I can purchase an update, but if your system is designed like this, to be honest I am very disappointed about the quality and I would really be looking for a solution.

As an instrument rating pilot replying on your simulator to keep my skills sharp at home, these types of discrepancies can easily let me operate the G1000 in wrong ways. One day I may be confused in the air in hard IMC because of the wrong G1000 logic learnt from your simulator, this is potentially so dangerous ...


Thanks for your attention,


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Thank you for your input.  This will be forwarded to the development team for review.

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I purchased the RealNav database today. The second discrepancy in the problem 1 is solved (IAF is now shown correctly) and the problem 6 is solved (no more CTD for LFBD).

All other discrepancies remain. 


Best regards,

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As stated, your items were forwarded to the development team.  They will use an actual Cessna NAVIII to investigate, not the desktop trainer.

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