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  1. It would be great to have MindStar G1000 in MSFS2020. I have purchased and installed MSFS2020. Initially I thought that with so many G1000/G3000 airplanes in it, and many people praising it online, they must have created a good G1000 simulation as it is the soul of these glass cockpit airplanes. But the reality is shockingly disappointing, it lacks so many features, eg: waypoint names in procedures not correct, logic errors in GFC700, MFD not showing track vector, or basically showing nothing, cannot even change QNH to hPa! As an instrument-rated pilot, simulation is a way to keep good instrument proficiency and prepare for real flights by getting familiar with certain procedures. MindStar is really good at knowing what features are really needed, for example: SVS is nice but not many real G1000 had that 20K+$ update due to costs, so it's not that important; checking GPS status and computing RAIM availability is trivial but so important because if I don't check that prior to a GNSS/RNAV approach, the instructor would fail my check ride. For this reason, MSFS2020 is basically useless for me now... Avionics and aerodynamics are far more important than scenery. Really looking forward to MindStar G1000 in P3D v4/5 (early 2020 has passed unfortunately), and even better in MSFS2020 :)
  2. Hi, I recently noticed that a new version of G1000 was released 3.06.0000, so I upgraded my installation from 2.11.0030 to this version. I found the new version fixed several problems I had in the old version and supported 8.33kHz spacing. Great job! While enjoying the new version, I found two remaining problems: - For Turbo 182T model, when BATT MASTER is on, even if AVIONICS switch is off, the MFD would still power up (although the COM2 and NAV2 are being crossed out when AVIONICS is off, which is correct). Other models don't have this problem. - For SR22T model, fuel gauge scale is still not correct. - In addition to that, I think your "Computer RAIM" function is way too fast compared to the real device. Of course, these small glitches do not impact its usability, but as I am excited to see that the product is still being actively developed, it would be nice if they could be investigated and potentially fixed in the next release. I've been using G1000 (and KAP140) for almost 2 year now, it really helped me a lot in my instrument flight training and maintaining instrument flight proficiency. Happy 2020, and really looking forward to p3d v4 support in the new year. And yes, when a new version is published, please inform us in the forum. Howie
  3. Hello, For SR22T style G1000, the fuel quantity indicator (vertical bar) in MFD shows a total of only around 25 Gals for each tank (tick marks at 0,5,10,15,20,15,F) . That makes the total quantity only around 50 Gals (like a C172S for example). In SR22T G3, that total quantity should be around 94 Gals. So even when I carry 70% of fuel, the gauge would still be at the maximum position. Is there any way I can solve the issue? Thanks, Howie Wong
  4. Hi, I purchased the RealNav database today. The second discrepancy in the problem 1 is solved (IAF is now shown correctly) and the problem 6 is solved (no more CTD for LFBD). All other discrepancies remain. Best regards,
  5. Hi, I have just bought the MindStar G1000 Simulator and had it installed in Prepar3D v3.4. After playing it around for a short while, I have already found many problems. For your reference, I used the default navigation database and with MindStar C172 G1000 without GFC which should simulate Cessna NAVIII option. Problem 1: Repeated transition waypoint when loading an approach. How to reproduce (example): - Set airplane to LFBR - On MFD, push FPL, FMS, and rotate FMS to add waypoint AGN (VOR in France) after LFBR - With the cursor on the new line, push PROC, ENTER (SELECT APPROACH), and rotate FMS to choose LFBA (Agen), approach ILS29, AGN as the transition. Press ENT twice to load the approach and acknowledge the disclaimer. Discrepancies: - In your simulator, the waypoint AGN is duplicated but in the official trainer AGN is placed under the approach procedure. - In your "select approach page", the IAF waypoints such as “AGN” are not post-fixed by white “iaf”. Problem 2: Incorrect display for D-> Logic. - Continue with the example above - Push “D->” button, choose AGN, and direct to AGN. Discrepancy: in your simulator, the ACTIVE FLIGHT PLAN box shows “D-> AGN”, while in the official trainer, it remains “LFBR / LFBA” because this waypoint is a part of the flight plan. Problem 3: Cancel D-> Logic. - Continue with the example above - Push “D->”, “MENU” can choose cancel direct-to nav. Discrepancy: in your simulator, the entire enroute part containing the departure aerodrome LFBR is disappeared. But in the official trainer, it is still there and the active leg reverts to “LFBR to AGN” Problem 4: Delayed update of D-> ACTIVE FLIGHT PLAN BOX - Continue with the example above - Push “D->”, rotate FMS to enter “GAI” (VOR in France), and ENT Discrepancy: In the “ACTIVE FLIGHT PLAN” box, the “D-> GAI” is not updated immediately, although on PFD, it is updated. You have to push FPL to close the FPL window and push FPL to open the window again to have the correct “ACTIVE FLIGHT PLAN” shown. Problem 5: Incorrect input - Push PROC, select an approach, to choose "LFBA" you rotate FMS to choose letter “L”, followed by “F”, then in order to choose “B”, if you rotate FMS continuously clockwise it has to pass through digits “5,6,7,8,9” multiple times before finally get to letter “A”. Problem 6: CTD - Push PROC, select an approach, rotate FMS to select LFBD, and the Prepar3d will crash. In addition to functions not simulated such as airways, VNAV in FPL, etc. Having just sitting on the ground and played with your simulator for few minutes and I have found so many possible buggy behaviors… If this can be solved by database update, please let me know and I can purchase an update, but if your system is designed like this, to be honest I am very disappointed about the quality and I would really be looking for a solution. As an instrument rating pilot replying on your simulator to keep my skills sharp at home, these types of discrepancies can easily let me operate the G1000 in wrong ways. One day I may be confused in the air in hard IMC because of the wrong G1000 logic learnt from your simulator, this is potentially so dangerous ... Thanks for your attention,
  6. Well, this post is not related to PMDG... but here my list, really short :(ChinaFranceHollandGermanyUKUSA
  7. B737-300B737-700B737-800B747-400B757B777A319A320A321A330-200CRJ-700BAE Avro146EMB190ATR72
  8. Well. That is the problem!! I fogort to set my default flight. Really thank you indeed! Good Luck!!!
  9. PSS: I found a couple of problem of my Boeing 757 recently. Firstly, after I taking off, I found that it is imposible to retract my landing gear. When I tried to retract landing gear, three green lights did not extinguished and a amber light which is called "gear light" just above it illuminated. What's the problem? Did my land gear broken? I landed safely after returning to the original airport. Secondly, my ILS localizer seem to be problem (Maybe i don't know the correct method to use it). I entered my ILS frequency and course into my FMC(NAVRAD-ILS PARK), and change the VOR to manual mode, enter those frenquency into VOR1 and VOR2 too. However, there is only some white "squares"( I don't know how to say that in English) but no red one appeared! I'm quite sure I can localize it at that position and heading, what's wrong? Thank you very much. Excuse my poor English. From P.R.China
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