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  1. A little anecdote about my flying career. I have been flying FS for quite sometime (since the old Commodore 64). Always wanted to be a pilot. Finally got the opportunity in my 30's (about 2000ish). Had practiced with FS9 the startup for a Cessna 172 to perfection. Had it down. Did really good. Reality set in on my long solo cross country. Here I was, 70 miles from home, visiting an airport I have never been too, on approach and making a landing alone in the aircraft. Reality sets in at that point. I cannot tell you the enormous feeling of accomplishment when I landed, turned around and headed for home. The approach was harrowing (weather was perfect, sun was just right, virtually no wind) because I kept saying (not thinking) all me, I stick it or cash it in. No instructor, no reset button. It was the most exhilarating thing I have ever done (except maybe that F3 race car in Dubai but that was different kind of exhilarating). The thing was all the pressure and it was just me and a plane that is smaller than my small car. I did later do some helicopter flying and got 7/8ths of the way through IFR training but I will never forget that flight. So now you are talking about a huge, complex, 100,000 lb plus jet aircraft with 75-300 other souls on board and you think a little playing around on a desktop computer is going to prepare you for landing one? I may read about going to the moon but it is a little different actually going there.
  2. Hands down the best freeware of the year. The sound set is unreal--it is spectacular.
  3. In other words you bought a Chevy...... Me niether. The only issue I have is that I can't really import a PFPX flight plan easily and the fuel/pax loading app is a little obtuse. Other than that I think it is pretty good.
  4. LevelD doesn't exist anymore--move along...nothing to see here.
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