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  1. Those aren't even remotely the same addons... OP: EZDock/EZCA is your best bet here. I've been using it since the NGX (and now the 777) and settings up views only takes a few min.
  2. When did you submit the ticket? You've got to also understand the devs have to sleep, too. Anyway, I was one of the first few hundred to purchase, and my order came to NO link or licence. So I submitted a ticket and they got to it nearly 4 hours later. Luckily I was able to catch Ryan asking a few members for their order numbers in the forum who were having the same issue, so I took that as an opportunity to post in mine as well. Sure enough, my order page was updated and I was flying. The ticket was answered about 45 minutes after that.
  3. I agree with your second point. Once loading cold + dark I realized the battery was insufficient to power the CDUs (normally). So how was I supposed to get external power? Only after 5 minutes of pressing buttons I realized you can "power" the CDU by pressing and holding the Menu key. This won't give you any plane functions, it'll just let you access the PMDG Setup and FS Actions to connect ground power. Seems to me that the GPU should always be connected, anyway, once a panel state like that is loaded. I'll be making my own until PMDG can fix theirs with the Caution light, and I highly suggest them adding a connected GPU in the default C+D state.
  4. Same here, as well. C+D, followed FCOM to the line. edit: came on during start of engine 1.
  5. Ryan, check my order ID please . 231089
  6. Unfortunately it's not there either. My order number is lower than any of the ones I see here, and I still haven't gotten any links or licence keys. Even sent a support ticket. I hope they're busy trying to fix this since the money was already transferred. Order ID 231089
  7. A couple of my buddies paid with paypal and received the plane. I think it's the first ~1000 orders that haven't been successful yet.
  8. Notice how the plane in the picture is also facing the other way compared to the rest of the products on there. PMDG sure know how to play mind games!
  9. Guy014

    777 Sale?

    Try again, lol! :Silly:
  10. The picture and price have changed. :Thinking:
  11. Unless the plane came with an expiration date, they can take as long as they want. I would prefer to be alive when that day comes, however. :Whistle:
  12. What let down are you referring to? To my knowledge, PMDG hasn't shut the door on the development of the 777. They want it in our hands more than you and I do. They said that many times before. And to be honest, they've said and done everything they can to make us feel at ease and just hold out a few extra days. The least we can do is support them in the final moments leading up to release.
  13. Since you already posted multiple screenshots of the 777, they'll count your first one, haha.
  14. As long as the screenshot is taken within the U.S. you should be good.
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