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Trans Atlantic Radio Workload

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Dave, a thought/request:

In real life there is no regular radio communication when over the Atlantic.  VHF is out of range, and you get assigned an HF frequency/code in case the Gander or Shanwick controllers need to get a hold of you, but that is rare.

It would be cute to simulate the radar services terminated and HF coverage hand-off, but would it be possible to at least eliminate ATC VHF frequency communication while over the Atlantic?  It's more realistic, and it also reduces the regular need to acknowledge and execute frequency changes dozens of times while over the ocean.

As a footnote, I noticed that I am being handled by Gander Center all the way across the Atlantic.  While VHF really doesn't happen in the real world, if it must continue in P2A, can Shanwick Center be made to handle communication east of the Molson-Gusiness line (30°W)?

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