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Camera movement queries

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Now I'm comfortable with the product in terms of creating/assigning cam positions I'm naturally becoming more creative when using CP for video recording (I use OBS BTW) both in live and replay modes.

2 things have me scratching my head and I'm assuming I'm missing obvious solutions, so any advice would be appreciated:

1 - Using an Xbox controller, I sometimes find that using the sticks to move around leads to horrific video stutter, which renders that attempt at creating a recording useless. 

2 - When moving around to find an interesting cam position, mostly at runways I find using either the camera movement virtual joysticks in the control panel, or the Xbox controller, movement needs to be faster to get where I want to be! As a workaround I tend to see what presets already exist for a given airport and use the best selection as a starting point, and move where I want to be from there, but I'm thinking it must be possible to accelerate movement to make that easier.

I'm hoping cracking these points will let me start improving videos to the standard I've seen here and there online. I look at some of the nice movement in them, and ask myself, how are they doing that?!

Thanks in advance

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OK #2 looks like novice errors on my part. Spent a good while checking a tutorial vid and in the midst of some other install fiddling for another product, reconfigured the controller stick mappings and more importantly the device speed settings. Much better now.

#1 is on my mind though, is it perhaps "just one of those things" that happens from time to time?

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On 21/03/2018 at 11:57 PM, funkyhut1 said:

What video did you watch? I'm struggling with the same issue.

Here you go, whilst it's not up to date in terms of version it's still a useful starter if new to the product. There might be others worth watching but I thought this one informative.

I've now got most aspects under better control but I suspect the controller movement vs video interference is perhaps tied into the replay function rather than real time use.
Got to say CP is a great addon though, letting you get much more creative with video production. :smile:


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