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How to make X plane thumbnails?

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I'm tearing my hair out over this little thing (or what's left of it!)

All I'm doing is making a new png file same size/shape as the original but adding a small graphic.  It's for my GTN750 equipped aircraft so I can tell which model I'm loading.  

Where does XP11 actually get the thumbnail data from?  When I say thumbnail I mean the main graphic that shows up in the aircraft selection screen.  Not the file per livery that changes as you scroll through different ones.

I've changed both png files which I thought would control the look:

Bell 407_icon11_thumb.png


Bell 407_icon11.png

edit: Oh, the file path for those two files is here: B:\X-Plane 11\Aircraft\Bell 407 GTN750  This path is actually a complete copy of the default Bell 407 but I added that nice GTN 750 mod.  The original path is B:\X-Plane 11\Aircraft\Bell 407


But when I go to the sim aircraft selection screen the old icon is still there.  Can anyone help?

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Read through that thread... that's how to make an image from x plane's menu itself.  I am trying to add a graphic to my images (edited in PS) and saved in png format.  Even if I screwed something up it shouldn't display but the old image will still display (even though I renamed the filename to .bak).  Trying to figure out where it's pulling the files from.

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Icons are used on a per-livery basis. The 'icon' and 'icon_thumb' png files in the main folder are the icons for the default livery. Provided that the file type and size remains the same, you should see your changes to the thumbnail when you select the default livery in the XPlane menu. To change the icon for other liveries, you need to edit the similar png files that are located within the livery subfolder, but outside of the 'objects' folder. 

Keep in mind that in the main aircraft selection menu (the tiles with all the planes that you go to before you configure a specific one), XPlane will display the thumbnail for the livery you last loaded in the sim. So, for example, if you flew the 'Camoflage' livery of the 407 then exited XPlane, it will show the thumbnail image located in Bell_407_XP11/liveries/Camoflage. To see the changes to the png files you altered in the main folder you'll need to click 'customize' and select the default livery from the top right dropdown menu. 

Unfortunately, I have no idea what the difference is between Bell 407_icon11.png and Bell 407_icon11_thumb.png. 

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