Missing Intersections on P2ATC Map

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I'm finding there is a huge difference between the number of intersections being displayed on P2ATC's map  versus what is displayed in Little NavMap or Plan-G or Flight1's GTN750.

For example, if I plan a flight from CYYZ to KBUF, there are only a few intersections shown on the P2ATC map  compared to the dozens and dozens being shown in Little Navmap even though both programs have been updated to the latest Airac cycle (1803 rev 1). 

Another strange thing - It seems that while all intersections are not being displayed, they actually do exist in P2ATC's data base.

Example - Intersection VIPRI is located on the the Rwy 24 approach to Toronto's Island airport (CYTZ). It shows on Little NavMap but does not show on It does not show on P2ATC's map until I key it into a flight plan. As soon as I do that, there it is on the map. And it is not just happening in one specific area. Its everywhere as far as I can tell.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Do I have some map display filter set somewhere in P2ATC that is causing this?










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P2A only shows the "en-route" waypoints when you press the Waypoint button.  VIPRI is a Terminal waypoint....part of the ILIXU7 STAR and therefor is not shown. 

It does not preclude including it in a flight plan so you are able to add it if you know the identifier, as you have done.

Hope that clears it up.


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Thanks for clearing that up Dave.

And its not that it a big deal or anything.

If I want to see all waypoints when flight planning I'll simply open LittleNavMap in another window.

Thanks again.






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