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  1. No prob using a TrackClip with the Sennheiser PC8 . ...Lloyd
  2. Using a Sennheiser PC8 for a couple years now with MCE and P2ATC. Great price. No complaints. https://www.amazon.com/Sennheiser-PC-USB-Headset-line/dp/B005HWEZGG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1523809870&sr=8-1&keywords=Sennheiser+PC+8+USB+-+Stereo+USB+Headset+for+PC+and+MAC+with+In-line+Volume+and+Mute+Control ...Lloyd
  3. Don' think so...... In your initial reply to this topic you said: Quote: "1. Pilot2ATC is very good for IFR flights, SID/STAR assignment done by the program, and based of weather. Also has an option to monitor and operate the radios during cruise if you want to step away from the PC for a while. But, it does not support VFR flights at all." Based on that , I was simply point out that Pilot2ATC actually does support IFR and VFR. ...Lloyd
  4. Suggest you try the 10 day trial of Pilot2ATC version 2.5. Once you get use to using the proper grammar it works great for IFR and VFR flying (don't know why poster ninerwhiskey9W said it does not work for VFR as that is definitely not the case). Plus it has great support (see Pilot2ATC forum here on AVSIM). ...Lloyd
  5. I followed this guide to set up ActiveSky/ASCA wth ENVDIR/ENVTEX and IMO it looks great. ...Lloyd
  6. Thanks for clearing that up Dave. And its not that it a big deal or anything. If I want to see all waypoints when flight planning I'll simply open LittleNavMap in another window. Thanks again. ....Lloyd
  7. Really enjoying P2ATC (ex P-ATC/X user). Great support too.
  8. I'm finding there is a huge difference between the number of intersections being displayed on P2ATC's map versus what is displayed in Little NavMap or Plan-G or Flight1's GTN750. For example, if I plan a flight from CYYZ to KBUF, there are only a few intersections shown on the P2ATC map compared to the dozens and dozens being shown in Little Navmap even though both programs have been updated to the latest Airac cycle (1803 rev 1). Another strange thing - It seems that while all intersections are not being displayed, they actually do exist in P2ATC's data base. Example - Intersection VIPRI is located on the the Rwy 24 approach to Toronto's Island airport (CYTZ). It shows on Little NavMap but does not show on It does not show on P2ATC's map until I key it into a flight plan. As soon as I do that, there it is on the map. And it is not just happening in one specific area. Its everywhere as far as I can tell. Is anyone else experiencing this? Do I have some map display filter set somewhere in P2ATC that is causing this? Thanks, Lloyd
  9. My install problem has been solved. I opened ticket to which Flight1 responded in short order. Duh! I was trying to do a re-install when in fact its a new purchase to which I could apply a coupon code to obtain the discount. After Jeff at Flight1 set me straight it all went smoothly. ...Lloyd
  10. Same nonsense going on here today with Flight1. Sometimes a Flight1 reinstall works tickety boo. Other times its a nightmare. Last week I updated Flight1's GTN Compete with no problems. Today I log into my account again with no problem but when I try to use the same credentials to reinstall the B200 I'm told: "The info submitted could not be validated because your account login or password is incorrect, or the selected product is not associated with your account. " Meanwhile, I just logged in to My Account successfully and the B200 is in my list of orders! I have my key file but to use it you need to enter the last four digits of the credit card used for the purchase which is not an option because the initial purchase was done with PayPal. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! ...Lloyd
  11. I have three remaining concerns.... Any one know the v4.2 compatibility status of Chaseplane, SpadNext and Pliot2ATC (PATC)? Thanks, Lloyd
  12. Does anyone know if PATC is compatible with P3Dv4.2? Thanks, Lloyd
  13. I haven't had any problems with SpadNext but I did have a problem with my Saitek panels randomly not working . This cured the problem for me: 1 - For all of my connected USB devices, went to Device manager, opened Properties and under Power Management removed any check-marks next to Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power. and 2 - Connected all of my Saitek panels to a powered USB hub. ....Lloyd
  14. cyyt47


    When looking at Properties for your Prepar3D.exe you wll not see your actual version number unless you open the Details tab. Another way to see your version number is to start P3D, hit Alt, open the Help tab and click About. .Lloyd
  15. As I understand it, the big difference between PTA and ENSHADE is that ENVSHADE modifies the shaders in real time based on time of day, weather, altitude and so on. I have yet to find a PTA preset that fits perfectly with all conditions. ENVSHADE is supposed to fix that.
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