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Hi guys,

I'm working overseas and on the move a lot, so I've been considering a laptop for Aerofly, which is going to be my sim of choice in future. I would also like to add that I intend to go full on into VR not long after I purchase my custom made laptop. So, my question is, will the following spec machine suffice for future development of this sim:

Intel 8700k CPU

16Gb RAM

512MB M2 SSD (For O/S only)

1TB M2 SSD (For sim)

2TB Seagate hybrid drive for storage

Geforce 1070GTX with 8GB VRAM

17.5 inch 4k screen

Windows 10 Professional

Obviously I can add additional RAM in future, and have space for an additional 2 drives in the machine. Especially interested in the toll that VR may take on the sim. Also, any word on a helicopter at all?

Many thanks,


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I'm not a developer, but as a user I would say the given system specs are acceptable; though for myself I would recommend the best graphics card possible for vr. Aerofly uses the full power of such cards a lot more than is common in some sims, and every bit will help.

Also, something to keep in mind is that ortho scenery requires lots of HD space, and the new regions coming from Orbx promise to be pretty huge. Plan accordingly.

Finally, the first Aerofly helicopter is probably not far away, they have been working on it for quite a while now.

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I run Aerofly on a similar specced laptop and out of all the sims, this one literally screams through. Super smooth, and no problems at all. It even works smoothly in VR. I don't think you'll have any problems

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