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Copilot drops ATC region name

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I'm not sure if this is just a feature request. It is certainly not a bug in this outstanding software.


While enroute, ATC will often direct contacting the next control area by name, as in "Diamond Romeo Zulu, contact Munich center on 123.45"  This is extremely explicit and very realistic.

My copilot, however, drops the region name and will respond with "contact center on 123.45" and then contacts the controller with "center, diamond Romeo Zulu is at flight level eight zero", always omitting the name.

In IFR Radio, whilst not always policy, it is helpful to use controller region names. Some instructors will coach that you should always use the controlling centre name. This helps avoid confusion when incorrect frequencies are dialled in.  In RL, we use:

"Munich center, Diamond Romeo Zulu is with you at flight level eight zero", or similar.

This is not only used for initial contact, but is often used after a delay in communication.

It sounds like a viariable inserted into the TTS, as ATC is often able to pick this up, very cleverly, adding a regional immersion factor that absolutely blows me away. 

I can see no harm in adding the ATC center name to all dialogue.  When things are very busy, this is a great help.

Great product, anyone who doesn't have it MUST get it!

kind regards,


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I've noticed this as well, when leaving Heathrow or Gatwick I'm passed to London Control freq xxx.xx   But when my copilot contacts London Control he always just says Centre as the first part of his call.

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This is done because some names will mess up voice recognition of the co-pilot (yes the program listens to the co-pilot) and that then causes some other issues.

Getting the names to work is on the list of fixes for the future.



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