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Chuck Steinmetz

ATC Selects Different Runway vs. ATIS

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I use Active Sky and have it set up in the config menu of P2ATC.  ATC assigned runway 13 (KLGA) when the ATIS says RWY 4.  I should note that I also use PFPX and it too assigned RWY 4.  Maybe this is correct but it doesn't feel right.  This seems like a thing that would come up and I searched but didn't find a post.  Thanks. Chuck

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Hi Chuck.

A couple of things could cause this to occur.  ATIS gets weather when you first connect and the frequency first changes to ATIS.  If that report is out of date, then it might give the wrong runway.  You can press the Info button to the right of the map and see if it is different.  Making sure that ASN has had enough time to "publish" a recent weather report before connecting to the SIM might alleviate this possible problem.

More likely, if you have Force Pilot Runway Selection option checked, and you have a plan loaded that includes a SID for RW 13, then even if the weather favors RW 04, and ATIS and the Info window say the active runway is 04, you will be assigned RW 13.


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