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  1. This issue has been resolved for me - pls go here to see the thread. https://forum.simflight.com/topic/91340-p2a-ptt-not-connecting/
  2. I had to reload P2A on a new drive due to a crash. Previously I had PTT networked and it was working. I am now on P3d V4.5 and FSUIPC6. Following the directions in the user manual in the Docs folder (which I believe was the same procedure I followed previously) I set up FSUIPC6 on the SIM machine - set up a button on my Yoke for KEYSEND 1-255 (WideFS) 1/2 w/ 'Select for FS Control' ticked. I inserted text in the WideClient.ini file under 'Users' on the P2ATC computer. KeySend1=123,16 ; Click F12 KeySend2=123,24 ; Release F12 UseSendInput=Yes Then set the F12 button as the default PTT Hot Key in P2A in the Conifg page. No luck. W/ the recent discussion in this thread about other software I'm thinking maybe this newer version of FSUIPC (the User Guide notes FSUIPC4) no longer supports the networked PTT function for P2A. Note - P2A does connect to the P3D so I know WideClient (which is also connected) is functioning for that part of the process. Do I need to purchase a program such as Multiplicity - maybe there is another program others have tried? Is see a user wrote a program for X-Plane, does anyone know if that exits for P3D V.4 or V5? Thank you! Edit - I have confirmed that I have a registered version of both FSUIPC and WideClient. All other functions of P2A work w/ networked sim. The FSUIPC6.ini file has the following code on the SIM computer: 11=P0,0,C1006,1 -{KEYSEND 1 for WideFS}- 12=U0,0,C1006,2 -{KEYSEND 2 for WideFS}- Here's how it looks in the WideClient.ini on the P2A computer. [User] Log=Errors+ KeySend1=123,16 ; Click F12 KeySend2=123,24 ; Release F12 UseSendInput=Yes Note - when I push F12 on my P2A keyboard the PTT button illuminates. Chuck
  3. 101 question....somehow this got turned on and I can't figure out from where to turn it off? Does anyone recognize? Thank you. <img
  4. Thank you to both - my card is a GTX 1080. Also, I turned up dynamic reflections to 'ultra' to test - no impact. It appears that it happens at KDEN as well so I'm thinking I need to reinstall P3D - or at least a few elements of it. Thank you for your help. Chuck
  5. I have have a question specific to the water/pooling PBR effect for P3D V4.5 - I can't seem to see the effect. Testing w/ LatinVFR Miami V5 w/ P3D v4.5 - using AS and injecting rain. I don't see the water/reflecting/pooling effect - is there a setting I need to change/adjust? Thanks. Chuck
  6. Both answers are appreciated and helpful. Going forward I will plan w/o SIDS/STARS. Also, knowing that P2A maintains 2 flight plans answers my initial questions. Thank you Dave and Pete. Chuck
  7. I have checked ATC Assigns SIDs/STARS/Approaches in Flt Pln in the P2A Config. Planning my flight from KBOS P2A suggested runway was 33L. SID was LBSTA6. Flight plan was filed as such. When getting my clearance I was told to expect 22R and the LBSTA6 SID 'as filed'. LBSTA6 has a different set of waypoints out of KBOS for 22R vs. 33L (begins w/ TJAYY vs. KIRAA) which isn't a problem except that I have filed w/ runway 33L so the flight plan in P2A now isn't going to match. I didn't see the flight through as I find it frustrating to put in all the time to prep and then have to abort after takeoff, but if I had would P2A have known not to follow the flight plan that I filed or do I need to replan/file in order for it to know I'm going off 22R? If I have to refile the plan do I need to go through ATC and get clearance again. Thanks. Chuck
  8. As I fly in to Chicago a storm has entered in my path - how can I request vectors to avoid weather?
  9. I will check that out - thank you! I assumed that was for the changing the voices that played back vs. the ATC Chatter files.
  10. Playing back ATC chatter files in a random order is on the list of improvements - I don't believe it made this latest version (2.6). In the meantime has anyone come up w/ a way to make this happen? Also, do the chatter files play in their order in each folder? I guess we could rename/sort the files differently each time if that would work. I have the first 25 mins of chatter memorized and it hurts the immersion of the software. Thanks!! Chuck
  11. Thanks virtuali - just to be clear I didn't identify that the product crashes the sim - just that it will disappear or the airport will stop working. That being said virtuali offered me some very good advice over on his forum on how and where to report errors that occur w/ FS Dream Team products - an excerpt is below and the full thread can be found here-http://www.fsdreamteam.com/forum/index.php/topic,20353.0.html. Before this I wasn't aware of the process and the more the developers can see issues that come up the better the products can be for all of us. The more common one, is the one with the error log, which is impossible not to see, and it give you the option to either restart Couatl or see the error log. Even if you missed it, the error log is recorded here:%APPDATA%\Virtuali\Couatl.ERRAlso, it's possible to enable a more extensive logging that happens even if there are no errors, by enabling logging in the Troubleshooting section of the GSX Settings page, and this will record the last session in the %APPDATA%\Virtuali\Couatl.LOG file.
  12. I'm sensing this topic hit a nerve - I too have learned a lot. Ray - when you note 'Keeping a firm control of layering in scenery.cfg' could you expand on that? Or if there is a post that digs into the topic you are aware of could you share as I don't want anyone to have to take time to explain what has already been done. Also This is a great idea - in real world pilots live by checklists. I have a series of notes that I follow but I'm not that organized to the point where I have them all in one place. I'll start my list - if you would be willing to share it would be a great starting point for me and others (note - you already shared some great tips in your post). I just posted over on the FS DreamTeam forum about frustration that I have w/ Couatl crashing. I'm not bashing them - I like their products - but that is one that I find to be inconsistent. But to fair I haven't taken the time to report and get feedback which I now will do. So my head is back in the game - thanks to everyone for speaking up - I just have to find the time!! We have a great community of people that offer help to so many we've never met - much appreciated. Chuck
  13. I believe the throttle issue is related to a USB going to sleep - I upgraded computers and needed to change the settings. But then of course today the brake and flaps stopped working. The fix was to swap out the USB port. I have found the FSUIPC forum to be helpful - he demands that you know your stuff, but honestly that has made me a better user. I do have the latest version and it's paid. In general, I started this hobby about as naive as you could get when it comes to any part of the inside of a computer....today, while I couldn't program one to save my life at least I know what a config file is and how to make a change.....but I may never know the difference between 'local' and 'roaming' in my user folder. To the gent (pracines) that mentioned Jetline Systems' customer service - you are spot on. By far the best because at their core they are good people. There are other great companies in this hobby - some not so good - but in general most of you like the opportunity to help out where you can. So while I'm not crazy about another NE win tonight (sorry) I do have a better sense that I'm not alone and I won't get nearly as frustrated the next time things go wrong. Thank you.
  14. Thanks - Does turning scenery 'off' in the Addonorganizer that isn't being used help? For example - just like another use above in this thread I really do enjoy addon airports. So if I am fling from X to Y does shutting the other airports help? I note that you can set up regions (which I haven't done yet) - maybe one answer is to set up the country in different sections and turn on/off those that aren't being used (if that would help)....again, thank you.
  15. That was my guess, but it's good to know - thank you all!
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