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  1. Chuck Steinmetz

    Not Recognizing AI Traffic

    Was # 3 for take off at KPDX - was cleared to take off through the other 2 there something I need to do so it knows about other traffic - Using Ultimate Traffic Live - thanks! Chuck
  2. Chuck Steinmetz

    Auto Traffic In Airport

    Thx - at first I thought it was all airports but I'm testing w/ KSEA right now and it's fine - so I'll do some digging. Would it make sense to a) narrow down the developer b) reinstall those airports - or should do I find the BGL files and delete? Will they rebuild when loaded?
  3. Chuck Steinmetz

    Auto Traffic In Airport

    Sounds good- would you be able to point me to a thread that goes into more detail about how I might dig into it? Thank you so much!
  4. Chuck Steinmetz

    Auto Traffic In Airport

    Thanks - wonder if it is GSX as that plays w/ the tarmak area - I'll do some investigating.
  5. Chuck Steinmetz

    Auto Traffic In Airport

    Thanks - I can, but if I do that all traffic disappears. I should be more clear - I would like to have some traffic on the streets/highways as it adds some realism - but I just don't want it on the tarmak of the airports. Thanks.
  6. Chuck Steinmetz

    Auto Traffic In Airport

    Running P3D V4.4 - when I inject street traffic from P3D is also appears on the tarmak of all airports. I'm using various addon airports w/ Obix Global and Vector - I have run the airport elevation correction program. Any thoughts?
  7. Chuck Steinmetz

    ATC Talks Too Fast

    Is there a way to either slow down the ATC or add short pauses between taxi instructions - in the latest version as of this week ATC spits out the taxi ways so quickly it is impossible to write them down and in some cases they are inaudible. Thanks. Chuck
  8. Chuck Steinmetz

    737 Eye Brows

    I have a Jetmax from FDS - I'm building out a partial shell. I've ordered a map light, but I can't find the Eye Brows w/o having to pay $400+ to ship in from over seas. Does anyone have the dimensions/specs so I can build myself...I'll take any suggestions on 'how' as well. Thanks!! Chuck
  9. I knew the answer at one point - but now I can't find it in the manual or online - how does one set Pilot2ATC so that the chatter plays in random order vs. start from top every time. Thank you! Chuck
  10. Chuck Steinmetz

    SID/Star Question

    Does anyone have a sense of how in the real world pilots choose a SID/Star. I took a flight from KBOS to KLGA - I use PFPX (along w/ Active Sky Next) - PFPX will assign the SID/Star for you if you wish. For example, the STAR/approach assigned literally took me over KLGA - went about 15 miles west - and then turned around to land (I don't recall the runway details). Maybe it's normal, but it feels very strange to be flying over the airport to turn around 180 degrees and land. I understand that ATC will assign and we fly at the pleasure of ATC - I also know that when I set up my flight in PFPX I can choose from different SIDS/STARS. Is there a site you can go to that shows currently assigned ATC routes for different airports? Any thoughts would be appreciated as now that I have flown for a bit I'm looking to try and get a better sense of how is happens in real world conditions. Thanks!! Chuck
  11. Chuck Steinmetz


    Done - thanks.
  12. Chuck Steinmetz


    I need to move software to another computer - how do I 'unregister' the software - if I simply delete the program will that work?
  13. Chuck Steinmetz

    ATIS/Chatter Question/Issues

    First, a big thank you to P2A for taking time over a weekend to help me w/ my issues. Great customer service. Here's where I landed. For a reason unknown to me chatter was coming from P3D itself - it looks like that chatter was playing over the P2A chatter. I unticked 'Voice' in the P3D sound settings tab which cleared the random P3D chatter which was not being provided by P2A. Next, I ticked 'Pilot2ATC provides ATIS' in the ATC Settings tab of the P2A config page. This changed the source providing the ATIS info - it now is coming from P2A. While I still need to test a bit more, the result seems to have been the elimination of unwanted chatter. And the ATIS now provided by P2A no longer has chatter in the background. I don't know why chatter was coming through P3D, but some add-on airports have their own ATC files and over time I've collected several ATC folders which may have impacted. Will update. Chuck
  14. Chuck Steinmetz

    ATIS/Chatter Question/Issues

    Thinking out loud - if issues were resolved in should I completely remove P2A and reinstall from scratch?
  15. Chuck Steinmetz

    ATIS/Chatter Question/Issues

    Thanks. I am currently on version Do you have suggestions for what to do about the chatter talking over the pilot and the multiple chatter files/channels playing at one time?