Assigning joystick buttons in XP10

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I am using an old but seemingly reliable (well it was when used for FSX) Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick.

I started assigning the trigger switch to brake and that worked fine.

I then assigned the "number 12 button" to FMS/key_load and that worked fine HOWEVER now when I press the trigger switch (and 3 other buttons) it results in the screen for FMS/key_load being displayed.

Any ideas what I can be doing wrong?




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You did not by accident create a dual keybind that caused the trigger switch to be bound to both brake and FMS/key_load did you?  Did you try clicking those buttons in the key bind screen to see if there was any interaction, i.e. they were be used?  I no longer have XP-10 , updated to XP-11 but the general way it work is the same in both. I think there is also a key binding pref file , maybe you can look in there to see if you have multiple keys bound to the same action?

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Thanks Glen,

I now have it working correctly. I don't know what I did before which resulted in what I described but I just reassigned Buttons:Basic (for brakes) and Buttons:adv for FMS:Key_load and the buttons are behaving as required.




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