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  1. Maybe you can create an X-Plane Flightplan .FMS in Simbrief tool and then import it? Also it's not you, software makers should make it clear what you need to do so that there is no ambiguity. I work for a software company in QA and we are on a mission to make our software super intuitive and self-healing where possible, customers are really responding well to these types of initiatives.
  2. I'll pass as I have the A300-600F already. Additionally there is a 21% tax on top for me which more or less negates the 25% discount. It looks good but pretty niche. I'll wait for the A310 and or A380.
  3. Cannot speak for the A320 as I do not use it anymore too much hassle with bugs etc. I have the same sort of system and get 45 FPS with A300 and 60 FPS with Tolis A321 with all my sliders on max except for reflections, they are on the first notch. 2560X1440 display
  4. <START RANT> I wish Laminar would stamp their releases correctly. RC3 = Release Candidate 3 If that becomes the GA 'General Availability' it should update the version so it is clear that you do have the GA. So 11.50 GA or Final. Anyway it's up to them but after working in IT for 20 years and QA for 11 years we have never released a Final build to be released to customers stamped as RC, causes too many questions from customers. </START RANT>
  5. Once you purchase you can view more posts and topics.
  6. I bought it as well however I'm going to view a few YouTube video's beforehand. 🙂 I did notice you can reverse thrust while in the air, no idea if you could do that in the real one,
  7. Very detailed and after watching a few YouTube video's I will certainly be buying this, pure quality. With taxes it is 95 euro's, just so you know the list price is without taxes.
  8. Of course they are, they can charge another $120+ for their add-ons, there is never a free lunch at the PMDG cantine.
  9. The best thing you can do is hover over your profile name top right, left click , select ignored users, add user to said ignore list, lead a happy X-Plane forum life 🙂 Seriously these types of users who only come and complain and troll, yes this same user did this before , are best ignored, totally. I come here to view topics on X-Plane and talk about the sim in a good way and have no time for people constantly trashing it.
  10. 100% agree. I knew this thread would turn sour the moment it was started. I stopped visiting here often due to this. It would be the same as starting a a new Windows 10 OS thread in a Linux forum or starting a thread about the latest and greatest PC hardware in a Mac forum. It is just not the right place to hold these kinds of discussions. All you do is chase people away. I have left many forums for this reason. If I want to discuss another flightsim I will go to a specific forum to do that.
  11. I only fly with these clouds now. Immersion is so much better and FPS hit is minimal in my case with my hardware, monitor and settings.
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