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  1. What I did notice is you can change the sound output device on the fly. I like that. I used to have to restart, I have lot's of sound output devices so this is a big plus for me so far.
  2. Well, threads like this for me are around 3 or 4 pages while in reality they are double or triple that 🙂 P.S. many will probably not see this comment. Anyway imma off to the Linux forums to mention how much better Windows is 😉
  3. Look like it will cost $69,- If I saw correctly at 1:00:00. It is a bit blurry. Stopped the video at another point, bit clearer now. Yep, looks like $69
  4. Looking forward to XP12, especially the water. Open beta should be coming soon.
  5. Will it get a free update to XP12 when it comes out?
  6. Personally I use X-Plane for flying airliners and now Biz-jets (CL650<3) for fighters I have DCS but I can see it can attract some people who want to hop in and fly at mach 2 with their hair on fire.
  7. The MD80 is a good buy for that price and I get good frames with it. Makes a change from all the automation in Airbus's and 737. Also word not allowed'en Betty is a plus 🙂
  8. The autopilot alone is worth the 115$. It is so super smooth, no twitches or anything like that. The best add-on plane I have ever purchased.
  9. That does not mean diddly squat. There could be all kinds of dev debug tools running or extra logging going on in the background and it's still in alpha state as far as I know or has it been released as an initial beta to devs? As far as release timelines go, assumption is the mother of ...
  10. Minimum requirements Windows X-Plane11.50 or above X-Plane Effects setting HDR or above GTX1050ti or equivalent .NET 5.0 Desktop Runtime (link) Please note that VR is NOT supported.
  11. Looking great. Cant' wait for the new version. Love those clouds!
  12. All good things come to those that wait (are patient ;-))
  13. So MSFS2020 is coming out of Alpha? Oops, sorry thought I was in in a MSFS thread, easy to forget with all these comparisons flying around. Would be great if the was an X-Plane beta soon.
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