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  1. KLAS and Las Vegas strip

    Try Glitter Gulch Scenery available at the ORG X-Plane 11 or X-Plane 10 Windows, Mac and Linux Just noticed that you don't want that but that's the only one I know of and use at the moment.
  2. Best Ground Services Addon?

    Jar Design Ground handling maybe what you need.
  3. Need help RE:RWDesigns Beechcraft 60 fails

    You can try opening the .ACF file with "Plane Maker.exe" then saving it again. Of course make a backup first!
  4. Congrats Tony. Glad we are getting ORBX and other devs on the scene as it can only make X-Plane a btter sim.
  5. NZMB Mechanics Bay and Auckland

    Wow, that looks really good. I don't fly much in NZ myself, well in fact I never have to be honest. Is there any good Ortho down there?
  6. You did not by accident create a dual keybind that caused the trigger switch to be bound to both brake and FMS/key_load did you? Did you try clicking those buttons in the key bind screen to see if there was any interaction, i.e. they were be used? I no longer have XP-10 , updated to XP-11 but the general way it work is the same in both. I think there is also a key binding pref file , maybe you can look in there to see if you have multiple keys bound to the same action?
  7. Airbus

    I go here for my unbiased reviews ;-) Angelique does a really good job and deserves far more attention in my opinion.
  8. Airbus

    Get the ToLisS then but you will regret getting the JAR is you want to have completely bug free FMS/autopilot. Fine if you just want the feeling of flying a good airbus graphic model but the system modeling is way behind FFA320 and ToLisS.
  9. Totally against this idea. Surely they have other things to spend their time on.....*Sigh*
  10. The default planes are not all that good but yes as mentioned above try the default 737 with the ZIBO mod.
  11. You can get X-Plane to download real world weather then just call up the metar of your destination and that's it. That is usually quite accurate, I use People know the weather is not perfect when they purchase I would hope. Buying something these days especially for flight simulation without reading reviews etc is just asking to get burned. There are enough add-ons that are not worth a dime that sell for a hefty price. The best thing I can say to people who want a 'perfect' weather system in their flight sim is go buy P3D and Active Sky, X-Plane at the moment is not for you.
  12. And another topic that chews over the same thing that's been chewed over 100 times before (just run a quick search on this forum and you will see what I mean :)) ... Keep repeating the same thing over and over and it will get fixed? Vent your feelings to Laminar, if enough people do that then they might do something about it.
  13. I gave up a long time ago saying which sim is best. There is no definitive answer on that, everyone has their own opinions and ALL sims have there good and less good sides and we should respect that. Let's just rejoice in the choice we have these days. I am just happy as an X-Plane user we are getting more choice and better products for the sim. By the way Chocolate smoothies are way better than Strawberry smoothies ;-)
  14. Are you clearing the V speeds first when changing the weight? Maybe that is the reason. You need to clear the V-Speeds fir it to recalculate. ZFW 45 tons ZFW 45 tons (vr 125) ZFW 61 tons ZFW 61 tons (vr 143)
  15. V1 is not calculated anyway in the real bus. Blackbox explained that a few times in his streams. This is due to the fact the V1 can be influenced by factors such as contaminated runway / wet / icy and other factors. Pilots manually enter that on prevailing conditions or it's calculated by flight ops. But yea strange about the weights as if I do a 50 ton ZFW take off and a 61 ton ZFW take off I get totally different V speeds for example 125 & 138 for example. V1 is then always the same or a few knots lower than VR as a general rule.