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  1. A quick search https://developer.nvidia.com/vulkan-driver 435.27 seems to be a Linux driver Anyway this driver and those in that area support Vulkan 1.1 Looking here https://www.x-plane.com/kb/updating-graphics-drivers-for-vulkan-metal/ Shows Vulkan 1.1. support however For Nvidia systems we require driver version 440.26 or newer, and a card that supports Vulkan 1.1 with at least 1Gb of VRAM.
  2. We have after a long time an update from Rotate for the fantastic Maddog Read more about it here. https://www.x-plained.com/update-for-rotate-md-80-v1-43r3/
  3. It's just using the SimBrief API that's available, more info here https://forum.phpvms.net/topic/20960-new-simbrief-api/ Depending what's available via the API you can just use RESTful services to grab the info. You are not able to grab account data and such like. SimBrief itself uses API's to grab weather, route information etc. from other sources.
  4. I departed Schiphol about 4 hours ago and it was reasonably busy. Bear in mind that it is a Sunday and movements are not as much as through the week. I am using Aerosoft Amsterdam. Not sure if that makes a whole difference with the default airport scenery.
  5. Seems that the mobile version has more traction than the desktop version. A bit of a lackluster Q/A if you ask me.
  6. Did you turn on realism mode? I had so much turbulence near SFO the other day the auto pilot in my ToLiss had trouble keeping altitude. In the end I descended a few thousand feet and it was much better.
  7. I wondered that too. I set it to 4 however the plugin changed it back to 1.
  8. Try running the install as administrator. Looks like some Microsoft DLL's did not install correctly.
  9. Looks good. Hope they give the Benelux / Germany some TLC at some stage.
  10. Insert key works for me. Insert key cycles through 1. No label. 2. All aircraft have labels and 3. Only airborne aircraft have labels.
  11. Hoi, You could use a throttle with a twist grip. You could pick up a cheap Logitech 3D Pro joystick and use that if you current joystick does not have that functionality.
  12. Used it a bit more. There are still bugs that need fixing. Engine exhaust particles from AI planes are too large and long and can cloud out planes following. Sometimes planes turn on the runway threshold and stay there so other planes cannot take off. The takeoff animation needs some tweaking. Few other things. However the ease of installation and almost zero effect on frame rates does it for me and I have been a WT user for 4 years. Tip: If you want to get rid of the aircraft labels just press 'Insert' key. It should cycle through Off, Medium and Large labels. This option is not available in the settings menu which should be in my opinion. There is room for improvement and I am sure this addon will improve over time.
  13. I went ahead and purchased. Took a quick flight from EGSS - EGLL ToLiss A319 ORBX UK ActiveSky XP All default settings +/- 45 FPS which is about what I get without the traffic addon. Planes waiting for me to take off and leaving in the correct direction according to the wind. I am happy so far. TCAS also working. X-Plane starts just as normal, no extra delay.
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