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  1. Perhaps you have not really looked into how much work has gone into the detailed texturing and flight modeling that has gone into this release. The FF FMC's are not that sophisticated to be honest, they cannot even to proper holding patterns or vertical navigation. Pricing is all relative, for someone with a large wallet it is cheap, for a student with less money it is expensive but everyone has the choice to buy it or not and the developer had the choice to set the price to what they think will give them the best return on the investment in the amount of time they have spent creating the plane/add-on.
  2. To be honest I think you are overly complicating things. Why not just use folder shortcuts to the tiles and place these in the Custom Scenery folder? Yes symbolic links and junctions work but in my experience folder shortcuts work just as well unless you have some specific reason for not using them?
  3. Carenado still need to update many of their planes to XP11. They also have a policy of charging the full price again when going from XP10 to XP11 so if you buy an XP10 plane that gets update soon to XP11 you will have to rebuy it. Most XP10 Carenado planes work in XP11 but maybe the flight dynamics might be off a bit. I would wait if I was you until the XP11 certified planes come out if you really want one.
  4. I downloaded Europe and North America in 45 minutes from Aerosoft site:) Testing now. Thanks alpilotx!
  5. No release notes yet but they can be found here soon.
  6. Congratulations on reviving an 8 year old thread :)
  7. Does your current version work okay? If it does why bother upgrading? If they cannot supply a reasonable change log then I I would not spend my money on it. I have the previous version too , works fine with my XP11. Maybe for 64bit P3D? I do not have or have used P3D so no idea to be honest. I use the internal X-Plane weather engine at the moment as well which suits my need.
  8. Also as with all thing like this also look in the Windows event viewer to see if you can see a cause.
  9. This is pretty static. It shows an amount but does does this correlate to previous years / surveys? Is there any data on that. I am not a Navigraph user myself.
  10. Don't want to get too offtopic but indeed the higher the refresh rate the more fluid things look. There are countless video's on you tube about this, here is one of them. You can see this type of thing yourself. If you move your mouse in a circular motion on a 30Hz screen you will probably see for example 4 mouse pointers. If you do the same on a 60 Hz screen you would see 8 mouse pointers etc... so on a 240Hz screen you would see a fluid motion of a single mouse pointer. Now translate that to say a game like BF4 where characters are moving fast if your screen refresh has a high refresh rate you will have more chance of hitting them. Video's can explain it better than me though. In short the higher the refresh rate the more fluid things become.
  11. No it's not G-Sync it's a cheap 32" LG Full HD monitor that I have on a wall mount tilted downwards 30 degree's above my 50" 4K TV. I use my TV for all my gaming and computer work. For comparison I play Battlefield 4 & BF1 and can game at 60 fps on my 4k TV no problems with my GTX1080ti. I am not a pro gamer so 60 fps is fine. X-Plane on my TV at 30 to 40 fps feels fluid for me and once you have X-Plane'd on a large 4k TV you really would not want to go back to anything smaller, it's just more immersible on a larger screen. I would imagine the only thing better would be using a VR headset.
  12. Did you recently update Windows 10 to the Creators Fall Edition? This seems slow down the performance of games dramatically in some cases. I even went back to Windows 8.1 because of it. It was affecting not only X-Plane which went from a normal +/- 40 fps to 15 fps but nearly all my other games such as BF4 which became totally unplayable. There are many stories on this you can find with Google. Just a thought, it may be something totally different.
  13. As others have mentioned WT3 is the way to go if you want decent AI traffic. I have it turned on so that WT3 can control the AI and I have some returns on my TCAS.
  14. I get around 25 -> 35 fps in XP11.10b7 with Rotate MD80 & IXEG 737 @ most large airports and I have Ortho4XP installed at z16 & z17 around the airports. i7 6700k overclocked by 10% GTX 1080ti 32 RAM 50" 4k Samsung KS8000 TV With the default aircraft my fps rises to about 45 on the ground and 60 fps @ around 1000ft , heavy cloud and rain etc will also drop my frames by about 10 to 15 fps. Running X-Plane on my 32" Full HD Monitor that I have next to my TV I can easily get 60 fps in all scenario's which is the limit of my 32" monitor.
  15. He is a licensed aircraft engineer and believe me he knows what he is talking about. I think he is also type rated for the 737-800 as simulator engineer.