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Seniors Try VR For The First Time - HTC Vive

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This is a subject that attracts me. When I was young, and tried to get adults to try new things and maybe play video games with me, they always reacted as if I was trying to offer them dog poop, and ran away screaming. :laugh:

They almost acted as if interacting with technology was beyond them somehow, which always puzzled me.

Years later, seeing adults reacting to the new with openness and a willingness to try always makes me smile. I wish my own adults had been like that!



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I was fortunate to know all four of my grandparents for 30 years of my life before they passed away. In that time we saw the adoption of computers into the household and it was interesting to see how they coped with new technology. My grandmothers did not touch the computer at all and I think that was more due to the era they grew up in where women didn't do science or technical things. My wife's grandmother even made a comment once that "women don't do such things."


Both my grandfathers used a computer but one did a lot more than the other. One ended up taking computer classes and learned to use Photoshop to enhance his photography hobby. He did some great things in Photoshop before his eyesight started going and the colors in his edited photos were off. The other grandfather only really did email on the computer but if he got a pop up or something didn't work like he expected, he was completely at a loss as to what to do so he would often call my brother or I for help.


My parents are in a similar boat. Both my mom and dad use a computer well as long as everything works as they expect and are used to. If they encounter a new situation or an error, they are often unable to troubleshoot for themselves and my brother or I get a call. The same goes with their cellphones.


I hope as I age that I am more like my Photoshop grandfather who was not scared of technology and was able to figure a lot of things out on his own well into his late 80's before his eyesight problems and declining health made it difficult for him.

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