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  1. Well my installer said I had version 2.04 and the current version listed on the website is 2.04. So unless they snuck some fixes into the release without updating the version number, It should have been the same as I had before. I re downloaded just to make sure there was no corruption in the download and also to test my upgraded internet connection. :)
  2. Yay!!! Finally it works! I uninstalled the GTN completely and re downloaded it, reinstalled it, and deleted the .dat file. Fired up the Learjet and I now have Nav control. Its weird because in that Flight 1 thread, most people seemed to be having issues with Carenado planes but my GTN always worked with all of my Carenado and A2A planes, it was just the Flysimware Lear that had issues for me. Anyway, I am happy that it is now working and I can use the plane in Airhauler 2. Thanks guys for all of the suggestions. Ryan
  3. Thanks for the suggestions Al. I found that thread earlier and tried deleting the F1GPSGeneral.dat file and was hopeful that it would work but it did not. My window specifications in the panel.cfg look like what you listed above. I did do a reinstall of the GTN but I didn't uninstall it first. Wanted to try the easy route first to see if that worked. I will do a full uninstall and reinstall of it later. Thanks, Ryan
  4. The tool tip says "Active navigation source: GTN750 UNIT 1 (Right click to change)." I uninstalled and reinstalled the learjet but this time I selected the dual GTN cockpit. I right clicked to change the active nav source to the GTN750 Unit 2 and the autopilot Nav was still stuck in Arm. I also tried switching back and forth between nav and gps mode and also disabling heading hold and just enabling nav. Didn't work. I did try an ILS approach and that worked fine. Presumably because it was in VLOC/NAV mode and not GPS mode. I also tried flying the plane with the GNS 530 GPS and the Nav mode worked on that. Maybe I will try reinstalling the GNS750
  5. I tried what you posted but it still didn't work. I am attaching a screenshot so you can see what it looks like. Just to verify that my GTN was not broken somehow, I loaded up my A2A and Carenado planes that use the GTN 750 also and was able to follow a flight plan and shoot an ILS approach with them.
  6. I have all 4 possible GTN's listed in that file. Below is the full contents.... [GTN750.1] Radios=0 Autopilot=1 Mouse=1 Link CRS=1 Auto CRS=1 Fuel=1 Sound=1 Invert Mouse Wheel=0 Active Mouse=1 CPU Core=0 Play Click=1 Airplane=4 TAWS Voice=1 AVDB=0 Unit Type=1 VC Brightness=6 Color Airplane=0 VFR Code=1200 Fuel Type=0 [GTN750.2] Radios=1 Autopilot=1 Mouse=1 Link CRS=1 Auto CRS=1 Fuel=1 Sound=1 Invert Mouse Wheel=0 Active Mouse=1 CPU Core=0 Play Click=1 Unit Type=1 VC Brightness=6 Airplane=0 Color Airplane=0 TAWS Voice=2 AVDB=0 VFR Code=1200 Fuel Type=0 [GTN650.1] Radios=1 Autopilot=1 Mouse=1 Link CRS=1 Auto CRS=1 Fuel=1 Sound=0 Invert Mouse Wheel=0 Active Mouse=1 CPU Core=0 Play Click=1 Unit Type=2 VC Brightness=6 Airplane=0 Color Airplane=0 TAWS Voice=0 AVDB=0 VFR Code=1200 Fuel Type=0 [GTN650.2] Radios=1 Autopilot=1 Mouse=1 Link CRS=1 Auto CRS=1 Fuel=1 Sound=0 Invert Mouse Wheel=0 Active Mouse=1 CPU Core=0 Play Click=1 Unit Type=2 VC Brightness=6 Airplane=0 Color Airplane=0 TAWS Voice=0 AVDB=0 VFR Code=1200 Fuel Type=0
  7. I didn't touch the default settings on the GTN for this plane. I just looked in the GTN configuration tool and the 750 Autopilot is set to Nav and the Radios are Com1/Nav1. One thing I didn't try is using the cockpit with dual GTN's to see if that makes any difference.
  8. I just purchased the Learjet and tried to take a couple flights with her. I ran into an issue in that the Nav button on the autopilot goes into Arm mode but never captures the GTN 750 course even when flying right on top of the magenta line. The Nav mode is set to GPS and I tried changing it to Nav/Vloc to see if that made any difference but it did not. I had to steer the plan using the heading hold to manually follow the line. The HSI course pointer did switch to the appropriate course heading at each waypoint but it didn't have the horizontal deviation bar at all; just showed I was centered on course no matter if I was or not. The vertical navigation part of the autopilot worked just fine. This is installed on Prepar3D v4.1 on Windows 10 and I have the latest 3.0 version of the Lear. I tried watching some videos of people navigating the Lear with the GTN 750 but they simply selected Nav mode and it capture the course for them. Not sure why mine is not behaving the same way. I tried deleting it and reinstalling to see if that made a difference and it did not. Thanks for the help.
  9. I have been using Air Hauler 2 for a while now and previously used the original Air Hauler for a long time as well. My thought is that you can make it as easy or as complex as you want. If you want to set up a bunch of bases and have a fleet of planes and AI pilots, it can take on more of a managerial simulation role. If you want to focus on GA flying with a base or two and no AI, you can do that as well. To answer you second question, you can specify a starting base in Norway and you can drag a slider for flight duration. It will generate a random variety of flights that meet your specifications. That being said, I find it more profitable to find a commodity to transport from one airport to another on my own, rather than flying the generated cargo missions. You could also do passenger operations but those are far less profitable, however you get to pick your exact point of departure and arrival. You can fly in just the Comanche if you like. You wont make a lot of money, especially doing passenger ops but if that is what you like then there is no limitation. If you have a minimal amount of bases and no AI pilots then you wont have many monthly expenses. You could probably cover all expenses with a few flights a month. But yes, if you take several months off, your account will go down by your monthly base rental charge each month.
  10. I didn't do the migrate at all. I just double clicked the installation executable and when it asked for the FSX directory, I just pointed it to the Prepar3D directory and it installed and works fine.
  11. I know you were looking specifically for the CRJ but a similar aircraft is the Feelthere ERJ-135 and ERJ-145. I can confirm that those work in the latest P3D. I had a nice flight with the 145 last night and it has a nice FMS that is Navigraph updateable.
  12. I use this to plan fuel amounts for the RJ85. Select the RJ85 in the dropdown, enter in your departure and arrival icao and it gives you normal fuel amount plus reserve amounts. http://fuelplanner.com/
  13. I am a pilot who flies mostly 182's out of both Palo Alto and San Carlos airports. I use BlueSkyScenery scenery and FSGenesis mesh for all of California except what the original Megascenery X Southern California covers. While it is somewhat flat surrounding the immediate airport, you get used to it and I am not around the immediate airport for very long in FSX and the rest of the bay area is pretty hilly which looks good in photo scenery. This is what I used when practicing for my pilots license 6 years ago and I used the great Real Air Citabria as that is the plane I learned in, in the real world. The other advantage to the photoreal scenery becomes very apparent when you start doing your cross country flights. You can fly to the places you are going to in the real world and get a feel for the layout. The central valley from 6,000 feet looks pretty darn flat in the real world as well. Just another example of how I practiced with Photoscenery. It is common on your training flights in the bay area to head out to the coast on a nice day and do your practice maneuvers there. From Palo Alto we would do what is called a left Dumbarten departure which involved flying 10 degrees right from runway heading to the Dumbarten bridge. Once reaching the 92 freeway we turn left to point toward the hills and because of the airspace restrictions, you need to stay under 2,000 feet until your wings are level with Stanford Stadium. Then you start a climb to 3,500 to pass over the hills. Once to the coast we would often fly down to Pigeon Point Light house and use that as our ground reference for performing turns around a point. Yes it is a flat representation in photo scenery but that matters not as it is a focal point for your reference maneuver. Also, there are a couple nice fields around that area that we used for engine out practice. Those are all depicted in photo scenery so you can use them as well in the flight simulator.
  14. The SimXperience seat is cheaper and does the same thing. Heck, the whole stage 1 motion simulator is a similar price to the chair mentioned in this thread. Check out http://simxperience.com/Home.aspx as their motion simulation products are pretty popular in the racing simulation world and they can be used for flight simulation as well.
  15. I have never understood pre-hype. I was at the movies the other day and they showed a preview for a movie coming out December 2013. That is a year away! Why waste my time with a preview for a movie a year away? For developers, I have the same question. Unless a customer is paying a subscription fee where the stipulation is that there will be regular updates and new products then what good comes from telling me about a new plane that has no timeline for release? Am I going to rush online to donate money to the project? No. Am I more likely to buy it in a year or more when it comes out? No. If it is something I am interested in, am I likely to want to know more specifics on when it is going to be released? Yes.