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Just a quick question, 

Stock out of the box xplane 11 airport KPVD.  flew here with pilot2ATC and it worked great.  Got the to airport, selected "Info" and saw that the realworld cargo ramps was called 'Park15'.  There are a series of this type at the airport.  I requested to taxi to 'park15' and got no response.  Requested '15' and got issued instructions to the small gate.  Can it only be a number? or a single letter with a number?

Question: what is the logic used for P2A to recognize a gate/ramp?


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To get to a specific parking spot on a ramp, the best way is to select it in the Info Window (either from the drop-down menu or visually on the small map).  Then request "<Call Sign> request taxi to the Ramp" if it's a ramp parking spot.

The last part of the default name is the type.  For Example "Gate_Medium" or "Ramp_GA_Small".  If it is a Gate, then select it and request taxi to the Gate.  If it's a ramp, request taxi to the Ramp. 

If the Cargo Ramp spots in the real world are marked as either Gates or GA Ramps or are not even in the data, that's where TaxiMnt comes in handy to add or change a few parking spots to Cargo Ramp Spots.

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