"Fly the World" Career Add-On Experience?

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Do any of you have experience with "Fly the World" (  I just became aware of it.  It is run by some Germans and currently in beta. I am having problems translating the handbuch using Google Docs so I thought I would just ask.  Can anyone explain the main differences between it and FSEconomy?  Pros and Cons?  

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Thanks..  It looks really interesting.  I guess I would describe it as a more sophisticated FSEconomy with a career mode.  Like FSE, one can be a pilot-for-hire and fly anywhere in the world if the airplane and demand is there. (It is a player-driven economy as in FSE.)  However, a key difference is that there are pilot ranks.  Everyone starts at the bottom, and one has to put in hours to fly larger planes. Like FSE, one can purchase airplanes and FBOs with virtual cash.  However, FTW also adds the concept of airlines: players can start a VA-like airline and recruit other players to join it. Players can fly for airlines or fly pilot-for-hire jobs.  So, all of the virtual dollars (Euros) one earns as a pilot can be put to use by purchasing planes, FBOs, fuel stations, and/or starting an airline. 

Anyone who has used this, please let me know your thoughts or if I am missing something. It sounds pretty neat. 


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