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How to learn shutdown and startup procedures

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I'm just starting to learn how to use P3D, and I'm at a bit of a loss about how to learn. Because I'm new, I'm starting with the Beechcraft Bonanza A-36, which I've learnt how to fly (out of the box). But before I move on I want to learn how to start up the engines. P3d always starts with the engines running so it seems not important to them, but it is to many of us. Because it starts with the engines running, it would be good to know :

- how to shut down the engines

- how to start then from cold

- how to save this situation for this, and maybe all the other aircraft for the next day

I would really appreciate a reply, thanks for reading it. 


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Load your default flight with engines running. Shut down the engines by using CTRL SHIFT F1 to cut off fuel and SHIFT M to turn off the battery. There are other ways but these should work.

Then  SAVE the flight ( press ; ) and check the DEFAULT button.

Now, when you start up the a/c will be cold and dark.

You can take the easy way and use CTRL E to autostart the engines but look through the manual for the specific aircraft, they will usually have the start up sequence - each a/c is different but usually CTRL E works.


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Your best bet for many planes is just to google for checklists.  In particular for this one, if you search "a-36 checklist", this is the first link.  The spreadsheet they link to looks pretty comprehensive, and includes emergency procedures.

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If you are totally new to P3D with no prior FSX experience, you may not know about the "Missions" contained in the sim.  Some of them are actually Tutorials, and there is one specifically using the A36.  It's called "Checklist and Startup Procedure Demonstration", and it lists the following as Objectives and Tips:

-  Learn how to conduct preflight checks and startup procedures.

-  Be sure to listen closely, and follow along with the checklist.

If you haven't done it yet, fly that Mission for a "beginner" overview of what you need to know.

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Thanks, I'll take a look. I think that my biggest problem was getting the A36 from the state P3D started it up in (running engined) to cold and dark, so that I could learn how to start the engines and shut them down properly. I noticed that your list didn't contain that item for "shutting the engine down properly", which mine did, and that would have helped to learn how to start them up properly (thanks for letting me know about that tutorial that will help with that). 

5 hours ago, FalconAF said:

If you are totally new to P3D with no prior FSX experience

Just to let you know, I consider myself new to it, but in my teens and twenties I grew up with the Microsoft Flight Sim, loving it. I've had a while since as I was working hard, and now I'm getting back into it, so I consider myself a beginner. I'll take a look at the Mission. 


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